Textbook Adoption

  • The School Board Approved the K-2 English Language Arts Textbook Adoption for the 2021-2022 School Year during the April 27, 2021 Board Meeting.

    Objections to the Adoption of Instructional Materials
    Pursuant to Florida State Statute and School Board Policy 2520, the adoption of instructional materials must be made available to the parents of public school students and residents of Manatee County 20 calendar days prior to the adoption by the School Board.

    Pursuant to Florida State Statute and School Board Policy 2520, parents of public school students and residents of Manatee County may contest the adoption of a specific instructional material within 30 calendar days after adoption by the School Board. Please refer to the documents below for additional information.

    Guidelines for Objection to the Adoption of Instructional Material

    Objection Form


  • ELA Textbook Adoption for Grade K-2

    Public comment addressed concern regarding the SDMC's recommendation to adopt Florida Benchmark Advanced for K-2, specifically evidence to support the utilization of these materials to meet the needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD).

    This is in response to the public comment.

    1. The article referenced in the email was not quoted in its entirety. The article concludes that the most recent edition of Benchmark Advanced was indeed state approved for implementation with kindergarten through second grade. (See section of article “The new version of Benchmark”). States mentioned in the article were a sampling of those using this product. The product mentioned in this article is not the same product that has been vetted through the state of Florida’s instructional materials adoption process.


    2. The state is requiring evidence-based instructional material for current and future purchase. This product meets that criteria according to the 2020-2021 state adopted list. A careful and thorough study of the materials by the Florida Department of Education aligned to s. 1006.31, F.S. was done and evaluated to determine those that best implement the curriculum objectives of Florida’s schools.

    3. Benchmark Advance has been state approved for K-5 ELA. The copyright date of this particular product is 2022 and meets the Florida’s B.E.S.T Standards supporting the Science of Reading research which is backed by the International Dyslexia Association.

    4. This is a core product. Benchmark Advance is designed to support the needs of ALL learners (this includes students with disabilities as referenced in email by a community member) through differentiated, scaffolded instruction. The program supports multisensory, systematic, and explicit instruction.

  • K-2 English Language Arts - Instructional Materials Process

    • Final Publishers were reviewed by the State Board of Education before selection by the District.

    • Vendors presented print and digital materials that were then evaluated by the District Instructional Materials Adoption Committee (Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Community Members).

    • Instructional Materials were presented, reviewed, and evaluated by school administrators.

    • Materials were available for in-person view at the Professional Support Center for administrators and instructional employees.

    • Surveys were sent to all school site instructional employees for review of final committee selections.

    Public Digital Sample Access