• Graphic Design Club

     Advisor: Katelyn Reyes

    What is the Graphic Design Club?

    Thank you for taking interest in the first year of our new club at Haile! Graphic Design club is a club made for digital art students who wish to spend additional time honing in on their skills by creating new and fun artwork outside of class. This will be a student lead organization as a mini “Agency” with guidance by Mrs. Reyes. Members will collaborate by working on team projects by creating works for our local community, other school organizations / events, and by displaying our art around the school. Members will also have opportunities to pursue independent studies and try out new art projects not pursued in art class.

    The club will use a digital form that is sent out to all faculty and staff for any projects that the club could design for the school. Some projects that we will try to complete this year include designing logos for school sporting events, creating flyers for spirit week, and making t-shirts for the schools new vending machine. More projects will be added as staff members and clubs request them.

    When & Where

    Wednesdays right after school 4:15 - 5:15 in room 504. 


    To participate in Graphic Design Club students must meet all of the following eligibility requirements. 

    • Have no grades lower than a D for members, C for officers.
    • Have and maintain a clean discipline record and abide by Design Lab Rules and School Rules, no ISS, no OSS, no red cards. 
    • Attend at least 2 meetings per month if member, attend all meetings if officer. Exceptions will be made for illnesses and other unexpected events. 

    Members will be withdrawn from the club without a refund if any of the above requirements are not met at any time.