Dr. Mona Jain Middle School

    2023-2024 TEST CALENDAR

    (Dates Subject to Change)


    TEST DATES               TEST                                                WHO ARE WE TESTING?


    October 4th                                                              Write Score District Writing Assessment                          All Students


    October 10th & 11th                                 Algebra and Geometry Benchmark 1                                 Algebra/Geometry Students


    October 17th & 18th                                 Science Benchmark 1                                                           6th & 7th grade ONLY


    October 19th & 20th                                 Civics Benchmark 1                                                              All Civics Students


    October 25th                                            PSAT8                                                                                    8th grade Level 4/5 FAST ELA only


    December 13th                                        FAST Math PM2                                                                  All students (except Alg/Geo)


    December 13th                                         Algebra/Geometry Semester Exam                                    Algebra/Geometry students


    December 19th                                        English 1 Honors Exam                                                       English 1 Students


    January 17th                                             FAST Reading PM2                                                              All Students


    January 30th & 31st                                 Science Benchmark 2                                                           All Students


    February 1st & 2nd                                   Civics Benchmark 2                                                              Civics Students


    February 7th                                             Write Score District Writing Assessment                          All Students


    January 22nd to March 15th                     ACCESS for ELLs 2.0                                                          All LY Students


    April 4th                                                   B.E.S.T. Grade 6, 7, 8 Writing Assessment                       All Students


    May 1st                                                    FAST Reading PM3                                                              All Students


    May 6th                                                    SSA 8th Grade Science                                                          8th Grade Students


    May 7th                                                    NGSSS Civics EOC                                                              Civics Students


    May 13th                                                  FAST Math PM3                                                                  All students (except Alg/Geo)


    May 13th                                                  B.E.S.T. Algebra and Geometry EOC                                Algebra/Geometry Students


    May 17th - 24th                                        Semester 2 Exams (Tentative)                                             9th/10th /11th Grade Students


    May 22nd                                                                 English 1 Honors                                                                  English 1 Students                                 



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