Medical Skills and Services

    8400320  |  Grades 09 - 10

    This course is going to focus on exploring careers in the Allied Health fields. This is an entry level course for the PCHS Medical Program and will cover content aligned with challenging academic standards, relevant technical knowledge and basic skills needed to prepare for further education and a possible career in the Health Science Career Cluster. This course will provide a basic foundation of skills, and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the students’ academic knowledge. A higher order of reasoning and problem-solving skills, general employability skills and occupation-specific skills will also be addressed. There will be a major emphasis on medical terminology, as it is the backbone to all medical careers.

    Course fees include:
    Required Lab fee -$10
    CPR-First Aid certification offered- fee $45
    Membership in HOSA- future health professional club is encouraged to compliment this course- yearly fee $60

    The Health Science Core consists of two courses; Health Science Anatomy & Physiology Honors (2000360) or Anatomy and Physiology Honors (2000360) and Health Science Foundations (8417110). Completion of the Health Core with a 3.0 or higher will be acknowledged and equivalent to the first 90 hours of specific medical courses at Manatee Technical College. These programs consist of Patient Care Technician, Optometric, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assisting, Surgical Technician.

    Anatomy and Physiology Honors*

    2000360  |  Grades 09 - 12

    This honors course is the first course in the Secondary Health Core; consisting of a study of the human body, both structurally and functionally, with emphasis on the pathophysiology and transmission of disease. Medical terminology is an integral part of the course. Laboratory investigations and dissection that include scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem-solving, emerging technologies, tools and equipment, as well as, experimental quality, and safety procedures will be an integral part of this course. Students will interact with materials and primary sources of data or with secondary sources of data to observe and understand the natural world. Students will develop an understanding of measurement error, and develop the skills to aggregate, interpret, and present the data and resulting conclusions.

    Prerequisite: See Honors/AP eligibility requirements chart and successful completion of Biology or concurrently enrolled in Biology Honors.

    Health Science Foundations*

    8417110  |  Grades 10 - 12

    This course is the next step in the PCHS Medical program and will provide the student with in-depth knowledge of the health care system and associated occupations. Emphasis is placed on communication and interpersonal skills, use of technology, ethics, and the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and an in depth look at the pathology of disease. Students will also learn and demonstrate first aid and CPR skills, employability skills, demonstrate and apply disease and wellness concepts and the measurement of vital signs and basic physical assessment skills. Students may shadow professionals throughout the course.

    Course fees include:
    Required Lab fee – $10
    CPR-First Aid certification offered – fee $45
    Membership in HOSA- future healthcare professionals club is strongly encouraged – yearly fee $60

    Prerequisite: C or better in Anatomy and Physiology Honors.

  • *Indicates a weighted course.