Returned Check Policy

  • In an effort to curb the cost and time our District bears each year in returned checks (Non Sufficient Funds/NSF, Account Closed, Fraud and Stop Payment), Food and Nutrition Services has contracted with Check-Redi.

    Check-Redi provides this service to numerous School Districts around the country. They are in charge of collecting checks for our District that are not honored by check writers’ banks. For NSF checks, Check-Redi will electronically monitor a bad check writer’s account, and have authorization to make electronic attempts for the Face amount of the check plus a state authorized Return Fee as follows:

    • Amount of Check Written Return Fee 
    • Checks written up to $50 incur a fee of $25
    • Checks written between $50 - $300 incur a fee of $30
    • Checks written for $300 and more will incur a fee of either $40 
      or 5% of the face amount of the check whichever is greater

    If you have questions, please contact Check-Redi at (877) 524 -7334