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Partners in Education (ePIE)

  • Mission

    Connect businesses and organizations with schools to provide support, services and opportunities, to enhance learning and promote school involvement in the community.  Partners in Education meet the diverse needs of students to improve academic achievement.


    ePIE (Partners IEducation) connects small businesses, major corporations, community organizations and government agencies with schools in Manatee County.  Mutually-beneficial relationships are built to create successful partnerships, to develop unique methods of accomplishing educational goals. The partnerships result in opportunities for students that would otherwise be impossible.

  • Partners In Education very often provide a mutual exchange of resources and information that meet the needs of both the school and the business or organization.

  • Partners benefit through:

    • Increased exposure of corporate image in the community and schools
    • Opportunities to promote products and services
    • Increased employee satisfaction through volunteerism
    • Opportunities for future workforce recruiting
    • Opportunity to participate in the annual Manatee Chamber of Commerce Business Partner Awards

    Schools benefit through:

    • Expanded and enriched curriculum
    • New opportunities for staff professional development
    • Exposure to the “world of work”
    • Fulfillment of needs which may not be met through traditional funding resources

What Do Schools Need?

  • Needs differ from school to school.  A few examples of needs are:

    • Student and staff awards and incentives (complimentary product or service)
    • Scholarships (tutoring, lessons, programs)
    • Donation of funds, supplies or equipment
    • Mentoring or tutoring (no experience necessary)
    • Guest Speakers
    • Reading Buddies (You read to the student or the student reads to you)
    • Internships for school faculty; job shadowing for high school students

How Do I Partner?