• The District is divided into four general areas each of which is supervised by a Route Administrator. The Route Administrator is the supervisor for the operators, attendants and aides that operate buses within that general area. It is important to note that while the Areas are geographic regions, there is a significant amount of overlap that results from routing and scheduling buses to maximize efficiency.

    If you have a question, complaint or a compliment regarding your child´s school bus operator, attendant or aide, this is the group to contact. The appropriate Route Administrator will investigate the issue and work towards its resolution.

    District 1: Gina Miller (941.708.8800 ext. 44212)

    District 2: Stawania Heaven (941.708.8800 ext. 44129)

    District 3: Orenthia Walker (941.708.8800 ext. 44122)

    District 4: Michael Santus (941.708.8800 ext. 44126)