Highlights and fundamental facts about the School District of Manatee County regarding the 2021-2022 school year starting Tuesday, August 10, 2021:

  • Schools: 64

    47 traditional public schools (31 elementary, 9 middle, 7 high schools)

    3 Non-Traditional Public Schools

    • Palm View K-8
    • Louise R. Johnson K-8 School of International Studies
    • Horizons Academy

    13 charter schools

    Manatee Technical College – Three campuses: (Main on S.R. 70; West on 34th St. W. in Bradenton; East on Lakewood Ranch Blvd.)


    Projected Student Enrollment For The Manatee District:

    50,953 – Approximate projected student enrollment (VPK through 12th grade)

  • Number of Employees:

    6,631 - Approximate number of employees (including short-term and part-time employees)


    Number of Teachers and Paraprofessionals:

    2,897 – Approximate number of Teachers.

       698 – Approximate number of Paraprofessionals

    3,595 – Approximate total of Teachers and Paraprofessionals


    Total Projected Budget:

    $1,053,806,564 billion (all funds based on current projections)

  • Food and Nutrition Services:

    291,000 – Approximate number of meals served during the summer.

    6,706,603– Approximate number of meals served during the 2020-2021 School Year



    11,000 – Approximate number of students who “Registered to Ride” a school bus for this year.   

    112 – Approximate number of Bus Drivers to start the school year. 

    133 – Number of Routes for school opening (routes have been consolidated for 2021-22 opening) 

    109 – Approximate number of Bus Attendants (routes have been consolidated for 2021-22 opening) 

    10,000 - Approximate number of miles driven daily. 

  • Parents: Please check the Parent Portal for the most up-to-date information to see which bus your child is assigned.


    District Presently looking to hire Drivers & Attendants - https://careers.manateeschools.net 


    COVID-19 Related Supplies (in addition to what is already in our schools):

    50,000 – Approximate number of cloth masks in inventory.

    20,200 – Approximate number of disposable masks in inventory.

    5,675 – Approximate number of gallons of hand sanitizer in inventory

    3,416 – Approximate number of cases of wipes in inventory.

    106 – Approximate number of boxes of large gloves in inventory

    254 – Approximate number of boxes of medium gloves in inventory

    348 – Approximate number of boxes of small gloves in inventory

    329 – Approximate number of cases of soap in inventory (400 cases on order)