Worker's Compensation and General Liability Reporting

  • The following are summaries of how to report a claim. Please contact the Risk Management Department if you have any questions or encounter problems in reporting your claim as described below.


    Worker's Compensation Claims

    If you are injured on the job, please follow the procedure outlined below unless it is an emergency, in which case you should immediately call 911.

    The injured Employee should immediately report the work-related injury/illness to their Supervisor and/or designee.

    The Employee should then call the Worker's Compensation (WC) Nurse to report the work-related injury/illness. She may be reached at (941) 907-3100 ext: 1351.

    The WC Nurse will take the injured employee's statement to file the claim.  If medical treatment is needed, the injured employee will be directed to an authorized medical provider.  Be sure to treat with an authorized healthcare provider, as unauthorized treatment may not be covered.

    Following any authorized medical treatment, the employee must report immediately to the Risk Management Department at the School Support Center located at 215 Manatee Ave West, Bradenton, Florida. If it is after business hours, they must report first thing the following morning. The employee must bring all paperwork that was provided to them by the medical provider.

    The primary contact in Risk Management for Worker's Compensation is Sharon Tarantino at (941) 708-8770  ext: 41028 or Email.


    General Liability Claims

    Automobile Claims

    A. Vehicle Accidents on the Job:

    The following guidelines must be followed if you or an employee under your supervision is involved in an automobile accident while on the job. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

    Employees involved in a vehicle accident while driving a school board vehicle, including a driver education car must:

    1) Call the police! (911). If the accident involved another vehicle, there are no exceptions to calling the police. If the accident occurred on private property, the police will make the decision if they will or will not come to the scene.

    2) Call Transportation and your Principal or designated contact immediately.

    3) Upon being released from the scene of the accident, you will be required to take a post accident drug test. Transportation will assist with the necessary information when you report the accident.  If a student is driving a driver education car when an accident occurs, the post accident drug test does not apply at this time.  However, the other procedures must be followed.  If the employee is in need of medical treatment, they are required under the ‘Drug Free Work Place Policy’ to be drug tested.


    B. Employees involved in a vehicle accident while on the job, but in their personal vehicle must:

    1) Call the police (911).

    2) Call Risk Management 941-708-8770 ext. 41058.

    3) Call your Principal or designated contact immediately.

    4) If the employee is in need of medical treatment, they are required under the “Drug Free Workplace Policy” to be drug tested. Transportation will assist with the necessary information when they receive the call.


    Florida Statute 316.065 requires all vehicle accidents resulting in personal injury and/or death or property damage of $500.00 or more, to be reported to law enforcement immediately. To protect the employees and the School Board of Manatee County from legal action, these guidelines must be followed.


    Student Accident Claims

    If a accident occurs at school, the school nurse or head secretary can access the John's Eastern claim reporting system and should input the information about your child's claim at that time into the system. Once complete, the claim form should automatically print as part of the process.  It is the parents responsibility to properly report the claim as described below.


    Parents, Students and School Administrators - How to File a Claim

    Claim forms need to filed within 90 days of an accident to be eligible for coverage. Obtain a claim reporting form from your school or download one from this website. Complete the claim form and mail to School Insurance of Florida, P. O. Box 784268, Winter Garden, FL 34778-4268.


    Important Claim Filing Information

    1) This coverage is secondary, 'EXCESS' insurance, and will not pay for 100% of billed charges. Download Summary of Insurance Benefits for a listing of covered benefits.

    You must file a claim with your primary family insurance first. If your son or daughter has an accident at school and you have purchased the student insurance program, please obtain a claim form from the school principal's office or the athletic office where your son or daughter attends school.

    2) Part B of the claim form must be filled out by a supervising school official if the injury happened at school. The Parent is required to complete Part A and mail to School Insurance of Florida's claim office.

    Please follow the instructions printed on the claim form. 

    Download Claim Form - English

    Download Claim Form -Spanish


    3) You will need to attach copies of all itemized medical bills. If you have other primary insurance, you will need to file a claim with your primary insurance carrier and include a copy of the letter or statement from your primary insurance indicating the payments provided by them or their reasons for refusal to pay benefits to you.  A hospital or doctor's office should be able to provide an itemized medical bill for you.

    4) It is the Parent/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to file a claim within 90 days from the date of accident. The school is not responsible for filing claims. However, the school will provide you with a claim form or you can download one from this website or contact School Insurance of Florida to obtain a claim form. Please forward the completed claim form to School Insurance of Florida no later than 90 days after the date of accident to be eligible to receive any available policy benefits. You must file a claim with any other primary insurance, even if you have a deductible. This includes HSA, HMO or PPO plans.  Please do not mail completed claim form to the SDMC. 

    WE CANNOT ACCEPT CLAIMS SUBMITTED ONLINE because a school official’s signature and the parent/legal guardian signature are needed on the form. You only need to submit ONE completed claim form for each accident. You do not have to send another claim form if you are submitting additional bills that come in later. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL ABOUT THE STATUS OF A CLAIM PAYMENT OR TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT COVERAGE. Contact: SCHOOL INSURANCE OF FLORIDA if you need answers to claim or coverage issues. The school does not keep records regarding claims. All claims are processed by School Insurance of Florida's claim office. When contacting School Insurance of Florida's office about a claim, please state the full name of your injured son or daughter and the SCHOOL DISTRICT where he or she attends school. We need the school name to reference the claim information for you. Generally, valid claims are processed within 7 working days after receipt of completed claim information.


    Parents, Students and School Administrators - Where to Seek Medical Treatment

    If a student has primary insurance, they should stay in that primary insurance network even if they have a deductible. They must file a claim with any primary insurance coverage first to be eligible for the student accident insurance even if they have a deductible. If there is no primary insurance coverage, students may seek medical treatment from any licensed hospital or licensed physician and be eligible to receive the stated school policy benefits that are outlined in the enrollment application.  It is the parent or student's responsibility to ask the Doctor or provider of service what out of pocket expense they may be held accountable for paying.

    Please refer to the summary of insurance for a summary listing of policy benefits, limitations and exclusions. The Insurance Company cannot regulate how much doctors or other providers of service charge. Doctors and Hospitals are allowed to establish and charge their own fee levels. Doctors and Hospitals may charge more than what the School Insurance of Florida accident insurance policy pays. The insurance benefits will be paid based upon the stated policy provisions. Please retain a Summary of Insurance for your records.

    The primary contact in Risk Management for Student and Liability Insurance is Nicole Freeman at (941) 708-8770 ext. 41058 or Email.

    FLORIDA LAW STATES: Any person who knowingly and with intent to injure, defraud or deceive any insurance company, files a statement of claim or an enrollment form containing any false or incomplete, or misleading information is guilty of a felony of the third degree.