Assistant Principal Pool Requirements
  • Program Contact Dr. Melinda Lundy
    Requirement: Educational Leadership on your Florida Professional Educator Certificate.

    Forms needed to apply to and/or maintain status in the Pool. (Identify submission for AP Pool Renewal in the subject of email.)

    1. Application: Make certain to review all of the requirements prior to submitting. Only complete packets will be accepted.
    2. Updated Resume 
    3. Letters of Recommendation (2)
    4. Current Principal Recommendation
    5. Evaluations (2 current)
    6. Evidence of Aspiring Leaders Program
    7. Targeted Selection Interview Screening

      Out-of-County/Out-of-State / Former District Administrator Applications Require:

    1. Application
    2. Out Of County Matrix
    3. Current Teaching Certificate
    4. Master degree or higher, which designates Educational Leadership, Administration, or Administration/Supervision
    5. Resume that shows five (5) years of teaching experience 
    6. Recommendation Forms
        a) Request submission of three (3) recommendation forms; one must be from an immediate supervisor.
            Applicants who have transferred to a new supervisor within one calendar year may provide a recommendation from their previous supervisor.
        b) Letters of Recommendation are also accepted but not required.
    7. Evaluations (last 2 years)
    8. Evidence of Aspiring Leaders Program or acting Assistance Principal
    9. Targeted Selection Interview screening

    Disclaimer - Click here to add Educational Leadership to your Florida Professional Educator Certificate (the fee is $75.00)  

    If you are a current administrator in the state of Florida and are admitted to an administrative pool within the state of Florida, please apply to the pool and submit documentation.


    Out of State or Charter Applicants
    In order to get into the pool you must go through targeted selection.  Targeted Selection is offered 3 times annually; October, January, and May. Applications must be submitted by Sept 30th for October, December 15th for January, and April 30th for May.