• Flyer Approval Process

    The School District of Manatee County allows non-profit organizations, who do not charge fees, to seek approval for the distribution of flyers in Elementary Schools only.  

    Please contact Deborah Perry-Gambino, Community Engagement Specialist at gambinod@manateeschools.net for more information on the approval process.   Non-profit organizations incurring any type of charges for events will not be given approval.

    Private businesses and organizations charging fees for events or services are required to register in ePIE, the school district's business partner software, and enter a specific business partnership request.  Once the business partnership is approved, the school has the right to approve or deny the distribution of flyers to students.  A mutually beneficial relationship between the business and the school, needs to be established. 

    For more information, contact Deborah Perry-Gambino at gambinod@manateeschools.net.  To register in ePIE (Electronic Partners in Education) visit http://epie.manateeschools.net/

    Flyer distribution to students is not allowed in both Middle and High Schools.

    Community Flyers will be posted periodically on the District Website.