PHS Summer 2021 Credit Recovery

  • Dear Parent/Guardian:
    Your child is being offered the opportunity to recover credits and grades online during the summer. Students will need access to a computer and internet in order to work on their courses in Edgenuity.

    This summer program will run from May 31 -July 15.

    To enroll in PHS Summer School, the student must:
    February-April: Meet with their school counselor to review the courses to take for credit recovery.
    ✓ May 27: Summer Credit Recovery enrollment forms are due. Parent and Student must sign the bottom of this form and return to your counselor in Student Services.
    ✓ May 31-July 15: Students will work on their courses. A computer lab on campus will be open Monday through Thursday only from 8 AM to 12 PM. Public libraries are also an option for a place to work when campus is not open.
    ✓ July 15th: All courses are due. Students will not be able to work on coursework after this date. To earn the credit, the ENTIRE course must be complete. Any missing assignments or incomplete courses will result in no credit will be earned.

    How It Works

    Technical Information
    • Login through the MySDMC SSO
    • Open the Edgenuity Tile
    • The "Due Dates" in Edgenuity are automatically generated and DO NOT reflect the fact that some students will have more than one course to complete during summer. Do not use these as a guide for pacing. Assignments do not close or become blocked based on the due date.
    • If you need assistance with password reset or any login information you will need to contact the main office Monday-Thursday between 8 am and 3 pm.

    • There is a pre-test for each unit for most core classes. The pre-test will excuse you from some of the lessons. Unfortunately, some classes and electives do not have this option.

    • During the pre-tests, you will not be able to answer the extended response and non-multiple-choice questions. Just go to the next question.

    Blocked Assignments
    • If you score poorly on a lesson, quiz, or test, the system will block you from moving on to the next item - even if it had already been assigned. Your teacher receives a notification and will try to open the assignment as soon as possible; however, this will slow you down. There may be a delay in opening these, especially after school hours and over weekends and holidays.

    ► Cheating/Plagiarism
    • If you copy and paste items as answers to questions, please know that you will earn 0 points for that assignment.

    • Once you have completed the course, your grade will be printed and submitted to the Registrar. If you have earned a C or higher, the grade will replace the original grade, resulting in grade forgiveness. If you earn a D, the credit and grade will be entered, but the original F will remain part of your GPA. No matter what grade you earn the original grade will still be on your transcript.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I don't understand the content?
    • Make sure you are watching the tutorials and videos in the lessons, taking notes, and reading the required texts (sometimes you have to click a link).
    • If you still don't understand, consider visiting Khan Academy's website and searching for the topic you are supposed to be learning about. There are many other wonderful resources on the internet that you can use. Copying content from the internet and submitting it as your own answer is considered plagiarism.

    I've never learned about/read [topic or title], so how can I answer the questions on the pre-test?
    • A pretest is meant to measure what you know already. If you don't know, try to make an educated guess and move to the next question. You are not expected to know all the answers on the pre-test.

    Do I have to do all the assignments, or can I just do the end of unit tests?
    • Just like a normal class, the tests and quizzes are only worth a portion of your grade. Lessons are worth 70%, so not completing them would result in no higher than a 30% in the course. That means you must complete the lessons (70%), quizzes (20%), and the tests (10%).

    When can I have another course added? (or) Why do I only see one course when I have 4 semesters to work on?
    • Students are only allowed to have one class at a time. When you finish the course or only have the exam remaining, another course will be added IF there is time still remaining for a course to be completed. For example, if you finish a course the day before summer credit recovery ends, another will not be added because there is not enough time to complete the next course.

    I submitted my pretest, but why don't I have any assignments?
    • Once a pretest is submitted, an actual human being (your teacher) has to assign each lesson based on which questions you answered incorrectly, This takes time. Once the teacher checks in, s/he will work on all actions needed by all students. Last summer, there were over 300 students enrolled in summer credit recovery, so this does take time.

    Why did I get a zero on the extended response?
    • Until your teacher logs in to grade your extended response, the Edgenuity program saves the point value as zero. Although this can be frustrating for you as a student, your teacher will grade it as soon as s/he can.
    • If you have lifted the answer from a website or other source, you may receive a zero. If that situation is noted, you will also receive a message in Edgenuity regarding the finding. If this happens repeatedly, you may be removed from Edgenuity and required to complete your credit recovery through FLVS.

    Why did I only have [insert number] assignments and now I have a hundred assignments?
    • Lessons are not assigned until after the pre-test. Your teacher will then log in and assign each lesson, quiz, and test that your pretest indicates that you need. That does take time. Please be patient. However, that is why you may suddenly have many more assignments to complete. You may certainly go ahead and take the next pre-test if you would like. If more than a day (school days, which are Monday through Thursdays in June) has passed and there are still no assignments, please email your assigned teacher for assistance.

    Can you just reset the pre-test so I can take it again?
    • No, once a pretest is submitted, Edgenuity has already identified the lessons, quizzes, and tests that you need. Retaking it will not change this list. Retaking the pre-test will not result in less assignments.

    I messaged my teacher five minutes ago, so why haven't I heard back, yet?
    • There are many students in the summer credit recovery. Please be patient. You can expect a response within a day (school days, Monday through Thursday), If your message is a request for an action to be taken, often those do not warrant an email back. Simply check Edgenuity to see if it has been resolved.

    How is my grade calculated?
    • Lessons: 70%
    • Quizzes: 20%
    • Tests: 10%

    I finished my class yesterday, so why doesn't my credit show in Focus already?
    • Credits are printed by your assigned teacher, At the end of the summer session, all credit sheets will be given to the registrar. A copy is also kept for the administration's records. Credit sheets will be entered as time allows and only when time is available that is not focused on tasks related to the opening of the school year. In other words, the grades may not appear in Focus until the beginning of the following school year. If you have a question about credits earned, please email your assigned teacher.

    What happens if I don't finish a course?
    • If you do not finish a course, you will need to speak to your counselor regarding options for credit recovery. School counselors return the first week of August.

    Who to Contact

    Senior Teacher: Mr. Bradshaw

    941-723-4848 x34010
    9-11 Last name A-L teacher: TBA
    9-11 Last name M-Z teacher: TBA