IPTV can only be viewed inside the district network.

  • In order to view the latest version of the District's IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) do the following:

    1. Make certain you are using a SDMC computer or laptop and that it is connected to a data port via an Ethernet cable.

    2. Download the IPTV playlist (IPTV SDMC version 5) to your desktop. It will look like the orange traffic cone, it is labeled IPTV SDMC version 5.

    3. Double click on the newly downloaded IPTV SDMC version 5 icon to open up the embedded playlist.

    4. Select a channel by opening up the view tab at the top and double clicking on playlist.

    5. Select one of the 62 currently available channels by double clicking on the channel you want*

    6. Due to the way IPTV is broadcast on the network, this will not work on the wireless connection.  It will ONLY work if you are connected to a data port with an Ethernet cable. 

      For the link to the IPTV Playlist, please email MSTV at tv@manateeschools.net

    *There may be a few channels down as this is a work in progress.