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  • What is PDCP?

    The Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) is designed to offer non-education majors, who hold at least a bachelors degree, the opportunity to be trained as educators.  Upon completion of the program, the participant may apply for a professional certificate.

    Participants must be a full time teacher, either within SDMC or a district charter, on a temporary certificate.  The PDCP program coincides with the three-year temporary certificate.

    The program must be completed within the three years of your temporary. Enrollment in the program occurs between July and October of each year. There is a fee associated with the program to assist with the cost of materials, resources, mentors, assessors and special training requirements. Eligible teachers should contact the Office of Professional Learning immediately upon hire for enrollment information.

    “The Professional Development Competencies and Certification Program (PDCP) provides a cohesive competency-based program leading to a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate through a Florida public school district.” FLDOE website

    PDCP teachers will find the support they need in SDMC. Building administrators and district specialists will provide the leadership and professional training needed to excel in the classroom. Supportive staff will guide this teacher through the steps to become professionalized.

    Open the PDCP Brochure below for a helpful, informative document describing the PDCP program at SDMC, including district contact information: 

    Click here for Brochure - PDCP.

    Click here to visit PDCP @ FLDOE.

    Click here for more information regarding PDCP in Recruitment Opportunities @ SDMC.


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