Endorsement Programs

  • Endorsement Programs, approved by the State of Florida, recognized for an advanced level of professional knowledge and skill appear on Florida Professional Teaching Certificate.
    Note: These are add-ons to the Professional Certificate, not a certification.

    Athletic Coaching Endorsement
    This program is for athletic coaches seeking their professional certificate. It requires three 6o hour online courses and two additional courses equaling 7 hours. 
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    Autism Endorsement
    This program is overseen by the ESE department and they post all courses in MyPGS. 

    Clinical Educator Endorsement
    This program is not an endorsement program, however it is an impactful training that MUST be taken in order to HOST INTERNS or MENTOR NEW EDUCATORS. The training requires ~3 hours of prework and then attendance in a 3 hour workshop.

    ESOL Endorsement
    This program is for teachers responsible for teaching language instruction or reading, such as Elementary, English, Language Arts, Reading, and Exceptional Education. Category I requires proof of completion of the following 5 content areas, either with in-service and/or college courses, or by completing two courses, passing the ESOL Subject Area Test, and adding either the ESOL Endorsement or ESOL K-12 Certification (respectively) to your teaching certificate. These courses are offered online three times a year. 

    Gifted Endorsement
    This program is for teachers currently teaching Gifted Students or for those interested in teaching the Gifted. It requires the completion of five 60 hour courses. The courses are scaffolded so that they build off of each other. Take the courses in this order: Nature and Needs, Special Populations, Guidance, Curriculum. and Creativity.

    Reading Endorsement
    This program is for teachers currently providing Tier 3 interventions, teaching summer reading camp, or retained 3rd graders. It requires completion of five 60 hour courses. The courses are taken in order from Competency 1 - 5. More Information