• K-Kids: Elementary School
    • Builders Club: Middle School
    • Key Club: High School
    • Circle K: College
    • Kiwanis: Post-College Adults

    *All MHS Key Club members are expected to earn a minimum of 20 service hours per quarter! Failure to do so will result in a delinquency notice (warning) and possibly expulsion from the club.

    *All Key Club members should ad their name to the sign-in sheet before attending a service project, be sure to show up (on time)!

    -If you have any questions about a project, ask the project coordinator (their name and phone number should be on the sign-in sheet), a board member, or an advisor.
    *Only hours earned at MHS Key Club projects count towards your quarter total of service hours for the club!

    *The club secretary keeps track of all service hours, but you should keep a list of your own hours in case of a mistake.

    MHS Key Club Project Procedure:

    Add your name to the sign-in sheet. (But do not add your name to an already full list!)
    Make sure that you add your phone number to the sign-in sheet, as well as your name! (That way we can notify you if any information about the project changes...)
    Make sure you know when and where the project will be held.
    Be sure to bring any forms/waivers necessary.
    Be on time!
    Wear your club shirt (unless otherwise instructed).
    Sign-in and sign-out.
    Stay for your entire shift!
    If you have any questions, ask the project coordinator, a board members, or a faculty advisor.
    MHS Key Club Committees

    *K-Family Relations Committee:

    -Works with sponsoring Kiwanis Club.

    -Develops joint Key Club-Kiwanis activities- social, fund-raising, service projects, and joint board meetings.

    -Sees that Kiwanians are invited to Key Club meetings.

    -Promotes interaction with other branches of the K-Family.

    -At least one representative from this committee should be present at all board meetings.

    *Project Committee:

    -Initiates and implements all service projects.

    -Each member of this Committee should act as chairperson for several projects during the year.

    -Attends weekly Project Committee meetings in addition to all regular club meetings and board meetings.

    *Social Committee:

    -Plans and promotes several fellowship and social activities, dances, parties, etc. and strives to keep the members interest.

    -Traditional club events include: New Member Social, New Member Induction, Christmas Social, Valentines Spectacular, Club Officer Elections, and End-of-Year Banquet.
    *Membership Development Committe:

    -Advertises the club and recruits new members.

    -Promotes attendance to all club functions.

    -Educates all members about Key Club.
    *Major Emphasis Program Committee:

    -Promotes the International Major Emphasis Program and Service Initiative.

    -Devises projects for the club to implement the program.

    *Scrapbook Committee:

    -In charge of creating the club's scrapbook to be entered into competition at District Convention.

    -Takes pictures at all service projects and club functions throughout the year!