• STEP 2: Enroll Your Student as a Full Time MVS Student:

    If your student meets eligibility to be a Full Time MVS student, please review these considerations prior to enrolling.

    • A successful academic history which could include an FSA Reading Score of 3.0, a minimum GPA of 2.5, or no failures in academic / core classes from the previous year. 
    • Strong time management and organizational skills
    • The ability to maintain consistent contact with their virtual instructors
    • NOTE: MVS does NOT enroll 2nd semester seniors. Any senior who wishes to withdraw from their zoned school must speak to their Guidance Counselor regarding other options in the spring semester of their senior year. 

     1) If you currently live in the District OR are new to Manatee County:

    • You MUST have a conversation with a representative of the Manatee Virtual School PRIOR to completing any paperwork. To do so, please call 941-708-4971 ext 2131 or email gordond@manateeschools.net
    • Once it is agreed that this is the proper placement for your student(s), the following paperwork will need to be completed. Please do not complete nor send the below paperwork UNTIL you and completed a call with the Virtual School.
    • After speaking to an representative of the Manatee Virtual School, complete the Manatee Enrollment Form and scan / email or fax to: gordond@manateeschools.net or (fax) 941-845-3312.
    • Read and sign the last page or the MVS Policies and Procedures handbook and scan / email or fax the last page to: gordond@manateeschools.net or (fax) 941-845-3312. You may also drop it off to the MVS office at 1400 1st Ave East, Palmetto, FL 34221
    • The MVS Policies and procedures handbook specifically outlines student expectations. Please read it carefully.

    2) If you are new to the Manatee County you ALSO need: 

    a) Birth Certificate

    b) Proof of Residency (Electrical Bill)

    c) Physical and shot documentation (within year of current date)

    d) Transcript from former school(s).