How to access MySDMC SSO

  • Using MySDMC SSO helps students and staff access school-related websites easily and quickly. "SS0" stands for "Single Sign On".   

    To access the main page (or "launchpad"), copy and paste, or type, into the address bar of your browser.

    SDMC SSO works best in Chrome.

    Possible actions you may need to take:

    1. Your child may need to enter his/her username (the 10-digit school id) and password before continuing. 
    2. After a computer update, Chrome update, or password change, your child may be asked to verify his/her computer password.  This would be the password that he or she uses to log on to her computer at school, the password mentioned in #1 above.  Please note that the drop down window will ask for your child to input his/her password TWICE.
    3. You may be asked to add an extension to Chrome for the MySDMC SSO to work properly.  Click Yes/Submit/Add to this request.

    Once the launchpad appears, users will be able to access such websites as iReady, IXL, etc.  

    Student Guide to My SDMC SSO