School Improvement

  • The mission of the School Improvement Team is to provide differentiated support and guidance to schools that will result consistent, grade level, standards-based instruction within highly engaged, collaborative, and productive classrooms for all students. Support will be provided in the problem solving and planning process to strengthen the capacity of the instructional leadership teams to make critical decisions. Schools will be engaged in ongoing progress monitoring and data management in order to ensure the highest level of instruction to every student, in every classroom in Manatee county schools.

    The School Improvement Team collects and reviews school improvement plans for each of the district’s schools as well as School Advisory Council membership rosters. The school improvement plans and the School Advisory Council membership rosters are approved by the school board annually. The work on the school improvement plans are closely monitored by the School Advisory Council and the appropriate Executive Director. The Director of School Improvement facilitates the meeting of the District Advisory Council, which also monitors and supports the school improvement process. The School Improvement Team also monitors implementation of the extended reading hour for identified schools.

    School Improvement Specialists report to Dr. Vickie Williams, Director of Elementary Curriculum, and Mrs. Lourdes Gonzalez, Director of Secondary Curriculum.