Students Logging In At Home


    MySDMC SSO serves as a gateway to the applications students use at school, such as online textbooks, reading programs, and Microsoft Office 365.

    Students working on home computers may log in to MySDMC SSO at using the same User Name and Password that they use on school computers. Please note, for the best user experience, the “Classlink One Click” browser extension is required for each browser that you use. Please bookmark the URL on your home computer so it will be easy to find and remember.

    After students are logged in to MySDMC SSO, they will see icons for their available applications. Some applications will be immediately visible by default. Other applications may be added by clicking on the "+" symbol (App Library) at the top of the page.


    Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive

    Students can work in the Microsoft Office 365 programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) online without having to download the software to their home computer. Students should save their work to OneDrive (the "cloud") so that they can access their files from any computer, on or off campus.

    After clicking the "Office 365" tile, students will see a screen with options like this:



    Students can choose OneDrive (or any of the Office programs, such as Word or Powerpoint).
    Clicking OneDrive opens the cloud-based Office suite, where students will be able to view any files already saved, and also open a new file.



    If students have a document saved on one computer, but want to have it accessible from any computer, anywhere, they should upload the file to OneDrive.
    Simply click the "Upload" button, and then select the file to upload into OneDrive.

    Students should SAVE any new files accordingly.

    saving Word