BRMS Physical Education

  • Rules and Regulations
    1.    Each student is responsible to wear a RED, BLACK, WHITE or GREY T-SHIRT and GYM SHORTS. Shirts must be CREW NECK (NO V-NECKS OR SCOOP NECKS) and must be clearly labeled in the front center of the shirt, near the collar, with the student's first and last name.  Shorts must be elastic waist, no zippers or buttons if possible, and clearly labeled on the bottom right leg with the student’s first and last name.  Students must follow the school dress code at all times during P.E. (NO ROLLING SHORTS OR TYING SHIRTS).  A complete change of school clothes is required and students must change into their OWN P.E. clothes. Tennis/athletic shoes (with backs) are to be worn and must be laced and tied.

    2.    Each student is responsible for their belongings.  Gym clothes should be labeled with your name and kept in your assigned locker (CLOTHES SHOULD BE TAKEN HOME WEEKLY TO GET WASHED!!!).

    3.    Each student will be issued a lock and locker free of charge, the lock should never be taken out of the locker room.  Books are not to be left in the gym lockers after P.E. class. 

    4.    PROPER CONDUCT AND SAFETY ARE A MUST, during P.E. class and in the locker room. 
    5.    STUDENTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE LOCKER ROOM DURING THEIR PE PERIOD.  You are allowed to put your P.E. clothes in your locker before school on the FIRST day of the week. 


    7.    Students must be in the locker room door when the tardy bell is done ringing or they will be considered late.

    8.    All injuries received in physical education class should be reported to a teacher at once, do not wait until the end of the period.

    9.    In case of illness or injury, bring a note from a parent or guardian to excuse the student from P.E. Students will be asked to dress out if they do not have a note.

    10. Under NO circumstances are students permitted to touch equipment without permission from a P.E. teacher.  Students should immediately sit in squad lines when arriving at their P.E. location.

    Dressing-Out Policy
    Students who do not dress-out will lose 5 points from their dress-out grade and will be given an assignment to complete.  An incomplete assignment will result in an additional 5 points deducted off their participation grade.  Students are required to bring pencil and paper to squad lines if they do not dress-out.  NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE TO BE BROUGHT OUT TO P.E. CLASS.
    Grading System
    Grades for each quarter’s work will be based on the Physical Education curriculum. Grades will be determined by a combination of dressing-out, participation, skills tests and SIP (School Improvement Plan) assignments. At the beginning of each quarter students will be given 100 points for dressing out and 100 points for participation. Students will lose points for the following infractions:
    1.  Not dressing out in appropriate labeled gym clothes and shoes (-5 points or -10 points for incomplete writing assignment)
    2.  Late to roll call or not seated in squad line (-2 points)                                                                                                         
    3.  Non-participation (-1 to -5 points)                                                                                                                                               
    ​4.  Not following directions   (-1 to -5 points)