2019-2020 Parent/Student Compact

  • Overwhelming evidence shows that when parents are involved and engaged in the education of their children and give them the support necessary to make good decisions about programs made at schools, students will be more successful, perform better on standardized tests, and continue to pursue higher educational opportunities. 

    Parents/Guardians will support the achievement of their child in the following ways:

    • Ensure that your child attends school every day, on time, ready to learn, and with a positive attitude.
    • Monitor your child’s homework, reinforce what was learned at school, and ensure homework is returned to the teacher.
    • Check your child’s backpack and agenda daily for teacher notes, assignments, progress reports, and school notices.
    • Listen to your child when troubled; ask about friends at school and what your child learned each day.
    • Engage your child in daily reading, writing and math outside of school and during the summer and holidays.
    • Set high expectations for your child’s behavior. Teach and reinforce good manners, respect, kindness, and community service.
    • Help your child resolve conflict in positive, non-violent ways.
    • Maintain contacts with the teacher (at least monthly) and ask how you can support your child’s learning.

    We encourage every parent/guardian to support school in the following ways:

    • Volunteer and join the PTO.
    • Join the School Advisory Council (SAC). Attend meetings such as the Title I and ESOL parent meetings and participate in family involved nights.
    • Attend Parent University workshops.
    • Complete the annual needs assessment (Parent Survey) for our school.

    The faculty and staff of Palm View Elementary School will work to ensure that the following are provided to support learning:

    • High-quality district curriculum and materials based on Florida’s student academic achievement standards.
    • A caring, supportive, inclusive, safe and stimulating learning environment.
    • Highly qualified teachers who utilize highly effective, research-based teaching strategies.
    • Rich reading, and math instruction enhanced by intervention and enrichment programs.
    • After school enrichment and academic support programs.
    • Notification of the academic progress and needs of your child as well as ongoing communication about homework, learning, and behavior.