Important Agenda Highlights

  • Important Agenda Cliff Notes

    School Rules:

    • • IDs must be worn at all times
    • • No Gum
    • • No Cell Phones in the courtyard of hallways
    • • No texting or social media in school
    • • It is not legal to film/ photograph any teachers or students on school campus
    • • No running, tagging, pushing, or hitting
    • • Students not invited to a field trip may not attend on their own and join our students
    • • Students owing cafeteria and book fines are not permitted to attend end of year activities


    School Procedures:

    • • Students must have a pass to be out of class or out of the cafeteria
    • • Students must sign out before leaving a classroom
    • • Students must make an appointment to see their counselor or dean
    • • Students must be on time for class



    • • Renaissance students are allowed (with an ID) to eat outside
    • • Renaissance students must have their card and ID to use their privileges
    • • Renaissance shirts must be worn to eat outside on Fridays


    Dress Code:

    • • No pants, shorts, or jeans with slits or holes that show skin
    • • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
    • • All shorts and dresses need to be fingertip length
    • • All pants must be pulled up with no undergarments exposed
    • • ALL form fitting pants must have back pockets
    • • No leggings
    • • No undergarments should be visible
    • • No hoods may be worn on campus
    • • No face piercings