Partners in Education
  • The School District of Manatee County is preparing students for their entry into a diverse and competitive workforce through innovative initiatives and strategic investments. We believe that our "Partners In Education" strengthen and empower our students today for their success tomorrow.  

    Investing in our students and communities is vital to the growth and success of Manatee County. Developing meaningful partnerships is key to meeting the diverse needs of not only the district, schools, students, and parents, but also the community. 

    When businesses and organizations provide resources to enhance the educational experience and/or learning opportunities for students, student achievement excels. The School District of Manatee County partners with the Manatee Chamber of Commerce to provide schools and businesses with an opportunity to exchange resources to create mutually beneficial relationships.

    Learn more about the innovative and impactful partnerships taking place in our schools by visiting the Good News page.

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How Partners and Schools Benefit

  • How Business Partners Benefit from Partnerships

    • increased exposure to the community and schools by cultivating productive relationships with schools
    • opportunities to promote products and services and elevate business exposure in the community
    • increased employee satisfaction through volunteer opportunities in schools
    • opportunities for future workforce recruiting at the post-secondary level
    • opportunity to participate in the annual Manatee Chamber of Commerce Business & Education Partnership Awards
    • promotion at school-based events
    • opportunities to adopt and sponsor a specific initiative relating to a partner's mission, such as automotive, technology, arts, and health

    How Schools Benefit from Business Partnerships

    • expanded and enriched curriculum for students
    • students receive exposure to the “world of work”
    • fulfillment of needs that may not be met through traditional funding resources
    • accelerated student achievement
    • increased student self-confidence and development of soft skills
    • on-the-job training after high school
    • employment after graduation
    • district staff gain access to available resources and support from the business community and community organizations

What Do Schools Need?

  • Needs differ from school to school.  A few examples of needs are:

    • Student and staff awards and incentives (complimentary product or service)
    • Scholarships (tutoring, lessons, programs)
    • Donation of funds, supplies or equipment
    • Mentoring or tutoring (no experience necessary)
    • Guest Speakers
    • Reading Buddies (You read to the student or the student reads to you)
    • Internships for school faculty; job shadowing for high school students


  • perks

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