• At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, students were given 3 instructional plan options: Traditional/Brick & Mortar (5-days a week on campus), Hybrid (2 days on campus, 3 days of E-Learning), and full-time eLearning (students do all course work at home). All students will use the Schoology Learning Management System.

    MHS wants to support students with their eLearning by ensuring all students have access to a device and internet access. We are loaning laptops to students who do not have access to a device. The policy is one laptop per household. In addition, there are several options for internet access.

    Need a laptop (ChromeBook)?
    Complete the Laptop Reservation Request form. Laptops will be checked out to Hybrid and eLearning students only. We had several laptop check-out opportunities over the past 2 weeks. We do not have any additional check-out times. If a student is Hybrid or eLearning (not on-campus 5-days week students) for the 20-21 school year and still needs a laptop, please fill out the form below and wait for an email response with your appointment time to come to MHS. Remember, we can only check out one laptop per family.

    Students must have school ID. If parent picks up laptop, bring student school ID and provide parent identification.

    Device Consent Form- English
    Device Consent Form- Spanish

    IT Readiness for Students

    Taking Attendance for Hybrid and eLearners
    eLearning students must record their attendance each school day. Students on the Hybrid model must record their attendance on the days they are not on campus.
    The guides below provide detailed instructions:

    Meals for eLearning students
    Food & Nutrition Services will be providing weekly Meal pickup for Hybrid and eLearners. 
    Free Meal details

    District Support
    eLearning Behavior Supports for your child

    Other eLearning Technology Resources
    How to Reset Student Passwords - English
    How to Reset Student Passwords - Spanish
    Service Desk Requests

    eLearning Frequently Asked Questions