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Mustang Snapshots - Mustangs discuss dream colleges

Sophia Bayindirian and Jaymee DeFoor – Mustangs Ahead

snapshots(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – “Mustangs Snapshots,” asked students what their top college is, what they plan on majoring in, and their plan on the highest educational degree they want.

Senior Lukas Doney said, “My first choice is Penn State, it is my reach school, but I got into UCF for the summer semester; so, I am most likely going to go there. I want to study international business marketing; I want to travel and go international. I want to go to college for four years and see where it takes me.”

Senior Meagan Coon said, “I want to go to University of Tampa because I am familiar with Tampa, so I will know my way around the city. I want to major in Medicine because I want to help people. I want to go to college for 12 years to get a medical degree.”

Senior Ashley Taylor said, “I want to go to Florida Gulf Coast University because it is close to my grandparents, and it has a good business program. I am majoring in business and marketing, and I want a master’s degree.”

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“My top college is University of South Florida because their medical programs are very interesting to me; I feel like I would take an advantage from it. I want to major in health sciences, I want to get a master’s degree,” added senior Sophia Colexcua.

Senior Maggie Birmingham said, “My top college is Florida State University because they have a lot of good programs for the profession I want to go into; I want to go into forensics and get a bachelor's degree.

Senior Ahlany Garcia said, “I want to go to Florida Polytech because of their internship opportunities. I want to either major in computer science, computer engineering, or mechanical engineering. I want to get a master’s degree.”