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Summer a welcome break for LRHS teachers, too

Sofia Cretu – Mustangs Ahead

summer(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) - Contrary to popular belief, teachers do not live at school. They have their own homes and lives, but what do they do outside of school?

Mustangs have plans this summer, trips, events, birthdays, and many more fun activities.  

And these summer plans are not just limited to the students, social studies teacher Matthew Pascuzzi said, “My wife and I are going to Washington DC, we are going to all the museums and memorials. I will also be working my second job as a manager at an Italian restaurant.” 

Teachers will also be hanging out with family and friends.

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LRHS math teacher Magdalena Dormichev said “I am doing a Fourth of July trip to Orlando with my family. We are staying at the Hard Rock hotel and going to Universal”

LRHS Wrestling coach and tech. teacher Robert Collier is going to Seattle for a friend's wedding.

Teachers are not just exploring the US; they are traveling all over the world.

LRHS English Language Learners (ELL) teacher Dawn Haushalter said “(I am) travelling with my family!  A road trip through Southern Portugal, Southern Spain, and a short flight to Madeira, Portugal off the coast.”

English teacher Christine Poyner said, “I am traveling to Florence, Italy with my husband."