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Florida Virtual School and Community Service Hour Announcements

Florida Virtual School:  Students wanting to take Florida Virtual School courses over the summer will need to register for those courses before the end of the school year, May 28, 2021 in order for them to be approved. Students who have missed the May 28 deadline may still register for FLVS courses online but may need to wait for their courses to be approved.

Bright Futures Community Service Hours:  Students wanting to complete Bright Futures Community Service Hours over the summer will need to get them approved by their high school counselor before the last day of school, May 28, 2021.  Community Service Proposal Forms may be found on the MHS website. Students who submit community service or volunteer hours at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year for hours worked over the summer that were not pre-approved need to understand that the hours may or may not be accepted for community service hours for the Bright Futures Scholarship.  This is why we suggest getting the hours approved prior to starting an activity. Once the school year begins, students will need to turn in their Proposal Forms with their Log/Evaluation forms directly to their counselor.