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Behind the Scenes: Mustang Battalion gears up for first JROTC Raider meet

The school district's Good News crew caught up with Lakewood Ranch High School's Raiders on Wednesday. 

These photos showcase the grit and determination of a small portion of the JROTC Mustang Battalion. 


Under the watchful eye of Major Shaun O'Dea (ret.), the female team used teamwork and communication to improve their time and performance on the Rope Bridge. 

The male team was across the way, on the JROTC practice field, being filmed by a videographer from Manatee Schools Television.

They are preparing for their first competition, the SMA (Sarasota Military Academy) Interventional Raider Meet on Saturday, September 24th.


Stay tuned for a video *COMING SOON* about the Mustang Battalion and one of their cadets, who is being nationally recognized with a prestigious award.