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A salute to our 2023 Good News Support Heroes - we couldn't do it without them!

Following the end of another successful school year, the School District of Manatee County would like to acknowledge the support employees who make an exceptional contribution to our schools.


They work behind the scenes to ensure that our teachers, administrators and students receive the support they need to succeed.


Trikina Johnson from Oneco Elementary was a recipient of May's Good News Support Heroes recognition.  


In March 2023, we launched our Good News Support Heroes campaign.


We asked administrators to nominate support staff who inspire positive teamwork at our schools and worksites.


From March through May, two Good News Support Heroes received a surprise visit and a gift card provided by the Manatee Education Foundation.


Pamela Stone from Braden River Elementary was a recipient of May's Good News Support Heroes recognition.


All nominees received a letter of thanks, a certificate and two free treats provided by our community business partners, Jeremiah’s Ice of Bradenton and Jeremiah’s Ice of Lakewood Ranch.


A certificate of appreciation, letter of thanks and free treat certificates for district transportation staff.


We would also like to thank all of our school bus drivers, bus aides, dispatchers, mechanics and other transportation support staff for going the extra mile year round.


Outside of the regular school year, they work hard to transport students to summer programs across Manatee County.


We hope to expand this recognition program in the future with support from our community business partners.


Congratulations – and THANK YOU to all of our 2023 Good News Support Heroes!

*denotes gift card winner


Debbie Ackaway, Technology Manager at Myakka City Elementary

Linda Applegate, Clerical at Palma Sola Elementary

Myriam Avila, ESOL Aide at Braden River Middle

Carly Baez, Senior School Secretary at Oneco Elementary

Christy Bickel, ESE Teacher Aide at Palma Sola Elementary

Lisa Blakemore, Senior School Secretary/Bookkeeper at Witt Elementary

Richard Brabandt, Head Custodian at Gullett Elementary

Lisa Camuto, Senior School Secretary/Bookkeeper at Harvey Elementary

Jaclyn Carrington, ASD Paraprofessional at Willis Elementary

Alex Coyne, Paraprofessional at Bashaw Elementary*

Michelle Cramer, Paraprofessional at Braden River Elementary

Jocelyn Draper, Cafeteria Manager at Moody Elementary

Susan Faller, Senior School Secretary, Braden River High

Hank Funderburk, School Bus Driver at Matzke Support Center

Jennifer Gallop, Head Custodian at Bayshore Elementary

Raquel Gonzalez, Front Desk Clerk at Blackburn Elementary

Yvonne Graham, Paraprofessional at Palma Sola Elementary

Yolanda Hunter, Paraprofessional at Johnson K-8

James Hysmith, Paraprofessional at Williams Elementary

Kerline Ilfra, School Nurse at Lincoln Memorial Middle*

Angela Jackson, Paraprofessional at Mills Elementary

Jennifer Johnson, Cafeteria Manager at Sea Breeze Elementary

Susie Johnson, ESE Paraprofessional at Braden River Elementary

Trikina Johnson, Registrar at Oneco Elementary*

Jennifer Joseph, Registrar at Haile Middle

Barbara Kemper, School Secretary at Manatee Technical College

Connie Kiser, Bookkeeper/Guidance Clerk at Lee Middle

Caryn Lang, Attendance Clerk at Dr. Mona Jain Middle

Wendy Loge, Executive Secretary at Walter E. Miller Support Center

Sandra Marines, Migrant Advocate at Professional Support Center

Danielle McClellan, Testing Coordinator at Southeast High

Daurice Mescall, Paraprofessional at Daughtrey Elementary

Kris Miller, School Nurse at Willis Elementary

Violet Negron, Attendance Clerk at Lee Middle

Dr. Mitcheal Pearl, Behavior Technician at Professional Support Center

Jayrodd Poole, Behavior Technician at Oneco Elementary

Amy Potts, ESE Aide at Palma Sola Elementary

Amanda Quirino, PreK Paraprofessional at Blackburn Elementary

Jenny Rodriguez, Administrative Secretary at Professional Support Center

Mayra Roblero-Rodriguez, ESOL Paraprofessional at Palmetto Elementary

Magda Rothenberger, ESOL Aide at Tara Elementary*

Estelle Sailles, ESE Paraprofessional at Manatee Elementary

Pamela Stone, ESE/ASD Paraprofessional at Braden River Elementary*

Suzanne Theiss, Senior School Secretary at Southeast High 

Tacarra Thomas, HR Specialist at Walter E. Miller Support Center

Elizabeth Trujillo, Custodian at Palma Sola Elementary*

Sally Tyson, Secretary at Palma Sola Elementary

Isabel Arango-Torrejon, ESOL Aide at Lee Middle 

Gloria Velez, Head Custodian at Abel Elementary

Jenny Voss, 1:1 ESE Paraprofessional at Palma Sola Elementary

Aaron Weicht, School Support Specialist at Palmetto Elementary

Nicole Wells, School Nurse at Braden River Elementary

Janet Wheeler, Paraprofessional at Abel Elementary

Lauryne Young, Paraprofessional at Miller Elementary