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Educators and young scientists get brighter by investigating structure of the sun

Eighth grade teachers from across Manatee County recently attended a Woz-Ed full-day training session.

Experts from Woz-Ed presented information about second semester kits, which are being used in their classrooms throughout the rest of the school year.

Woz-Ed is a program founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak preparing K-12 learners for in-demand technology careers.   

The teachers practiced with some of the materials, including Styrofoam spheres. 

A few days later, students inside a classroom at Lee Middle School began investigating the structure of the sun. 

They created their own models of the different layers of the hot, glowing star at the center of the Solar System. 

Students were engaged in learning and enjoyed being able to paint and label their models. 

Thanks to Dr. Farrell from Lee Middle School and Amber Platowski, Curriculum Coordinator, for sharing Good News!