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Families and Teachers Cheer as STEM Fair Awards Announced

A delighted crowd of parents, family members, teachers and principals gathered inside the Braden River High School auditorium on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, to cheer for students during the district’s Secondary STEM Awards Ceremony.

Teens from middle and high schools across Manatee County vied for awards in categories that included Animal Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Chemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Intelligent Machines and Robots and much, much more.

Two “Best in Show” awards were presented as follows:

Middle School Best in Show: Juanita Gomez, Dr. Mona Jain Middle School

Project Title: Biodegradable Hydrogels Can Help to Conserve Water in Farming (Environmental Engineering Category)

High School Best in Show: Amy Lu, Manatee High School.

Project Title: Impacts of Amebic Population Clusters After Exposure to Increasing Temperatures and Ultraviolet Radiation (Cellular/Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)

In addition, the judges announced the 20 students who were selected to represent Manatee County at the 69th Annual State Science and Engineering Fair in Lakeland, Florida, April 2 - April 4, 2024. 

Middle School (10)

Kinley McCaw - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Sebastian Lemke - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Sylvia Lebron - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Ameer Jibril - Braden River Middle School

Juanita Gomez - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Ella Fuschetto - R Dan Nolan Middle School

Mason Durfee - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Alex Hysell - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Maia Bacchus - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

Malachi Endelicato - Dr Mona Jain Middle School

High School (10)

Caitlyn Cooke - Southeast High School

Brooke Kuiken - Southeast High School

Kipras Vitas - Manatee High School

Isabelle Valcarcel - Southeast High School

Amy Lu - Manatee High School

Gabriela Mendes - Southeast High School

Camille Gao - Manatee High School

Alexander Stanney - Southeast High School

Natalie Barendse - Southeast High School

Adiam Teka - Southeast High School