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Samoset Elementary celebrates inventors and inventions during Black History Month

Samoset Elementary School honored inventors and inventions as part of their annual Black History Month program.

Students sang, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before a performance of a stage play adapted from “Curious Theo”.

Characters were based on inspiring innovators such as Sarah Boone, Alexander Miles, Daniel Hale Williams, and Garrett Morgan.

Sarah Boone was one of the first black women in the country to receive a patent for her improvements to the ironing board in 1892.  

Alexander Miles took matters into his own hands after a tragic accident involving his daughter in an elevator. In 1887, he registered a patent for automatic elevator doors.

In 1893, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams became the first surgeon to successfully complete open-heart surgery.

Finally, Garrett A. Morgan invented many things, including an early version of what became a traffic light, and a “safety hood” which became the prototype for gas masks used during World War I.

Samoset’s Black History Month celebration ended with words from Principal Samara Hemingway-Primous.