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Kale chips grown at Sugg Middle School, a healthy snack recipe for Earth Day

Agriculture students from Sugg Middle School in West Bradenton are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Agriscience teacher Kimberley Lough partnered with Cafeteria Manager Roxie Blackwelder to further learning opportunities for students.

They were invited into the cafeteria’s kitchen to prepare something to eat, using what they grew on the school farm – kale chips.

Students made a delicious, healthy snack by using only three ingredients: kale, olive oil and garlic/herbs.

After washing the kale, students made sure to dry off the leaves and lay bite-sized pieces separately on a large baking sheet.

Then, they drizzled the olive oil and sprinkled garlic and herbs throughout.

Lastly, the kale chips are baked in the oven at 350 degrees for 14 minutes.

“First time for me trying kale chips,” Roxie said, “Not bad.”

"DELICIOUS!," exclaimed Ms. Lough.