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Creativity flows during annual Water Tower Competition at Manatee County fairgrounds

On Saturday, April 20, 2024, elementary students from across Manatee County Schools showcased their STEM skills by participating in the 2024 Water Tower Competition. 

The event was held at the Manatee County Fairgrounds.

In the weeks leading up to the event, students learned what water towers are used for and how they function. 

With this knowledge, 71 teams from 20 different elementary schools designed and built functioning water tower models.

The models were judged in two categories: Design and Efficiency. 

Judges scored the towers for how creative their designs were, and how structurally efficient the tower’s construction was, along with how efficiently the tower drained water.

Winners from both categories include: 

Creativity/Design - 

1st Place: Donkey Dominators – Braden River Elementary

2nd Place: Shooting Stars – Braden River Elementary

3rd Place: The Scrumptious Awesome Smart Barrel of Crackers – Rowlett Academy

4th Place: The Fire Droppers – Rogers Garden-Bullock Elementary

5th Place: Warriors of Fire – Braden River Elementary

6th Place: Would You Like Fries With That? – Palma Sola Elementary

Hydraulic and Structural Efficiency -

1st Place: Chocolatiers – Rowlett Academy

2nd Place: Super Skyscraper – Freedom Elementary

3rd Place: Red Bull – Gullett Elementary

4th Place: The Johnnys - Gullett Elementary

5th Place: Bush Gardeners – Rowlett Academy

6th Place: Hangin’ with my Hammy – Willis Elementary

Co-organizers Lynne Johnston (left) and Lisa Wood (right) at the Water Tower Competition. 

Congratulations to all students and teachers who participated in this event. Your hard work was admired by both judges and spectators!

A special thanks to STEM teacher Lynne Johnston from Mills Elementary School and Samoset Elementary STEM teacher Lisa Wood for sharing this Good News.


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