SETV team members from Southeast High School

Manatee County's TSA (Technology Student Association) advisors and students have been working tirelessly in the months leading up to the 2022 Florida TSA State Conference held on February 23rd through 26th in Orlando.

We're happy to report... their hard work paid off!

Manatee County students brought home 23 First Place trophies, 77 "Top Three" finishes in Florida and $7,200 in college scholarships from industry professionals. 

Students, grades 6-12, competed and placed at the top of their field, such as engineering, coding, digital video production, drones, forensic technology and more. 

The Florida TSA State First Place Championship team is Braden River High School. 

Second place is Southeast High School

In the middle school finals: Dr. Mona Jain Middle School is the Second Place TSA team in the state of Florida.


Our community will be well-represented at the national level this summer! 

The 2022 National TSA Conference is being held June 26th through 30th in Dallas, Texas. 

According to Kelli Kennedy, Assistant Director of Career and Technical Education, a large number of Manatee County students can compete at the national level, even though they didn't place in the state competition. Those events are called non-qualifiers.

Here's a list of all the results from 2022 Florida TSA State Conference:

Bayshore High School 

A first place TSA competitor Bayshore High TSA 

1st Place - Prepared Presentation II (Katia S.)

5th Place - Webmaster II (George B., Alexander N., Alexander R.M.)

6th Place - Digital Video Production (George B.) 

6th Place - Scientific Visualization (Alexander N., Alexander R.M.)

10th Place - On Demand Video (George B., Kristofer F., Allyson M., Katia S.)


Braden River High School

Braden River High School TSA

1st Place - Biotechnology Design II (Ryan G., Sheena K., Cristina R., Jackie S., Liam T., Lauren W.)

1st Place - Chapter Team II (Sarah D., Maxwell F., Ty M., Bella P., Fiorella R., Liam T.)

1st Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering (Liam W.)

1st Place - Dragster Design II (Callum W.)

1st Place - Flight Endurance II (Callum W.)

1st Place - Geospatial Technology (Maxwell F., Dylan J., Ty M.)

1st Place - Promotional Design II (Joyce C.)

1st Place - Scientific Visualization (Kai B., Evan F., Ryan G., Emma H., Victoria M., Liam T.)

1st Place - Structural Design and Engineering II (Maxwell F., Ty M.)

2nd Place - Animatronics (Austin B., Norman B., Evan F., Connor H., Roger R., Kyler W.)

2nd Place - Architectural Design (Abbi G., Ty M., Bella P., Roger R., Callum W., JT W.)

2nd Place - Digital Video Production (Mariana A., Kai B., Sheena K., Bella P., Jackie S., Allan T.)

2nd Place - Engineering Design II (Sriya B., Abbi G., Ryan G., Liam T., JT W., Kyra W.)

2nd Place - Fashion Design and Technology (Nico C., Sara D., Gael M., Fiorella R.)

2nd Place - Forensic Science (Sarah D., Fiorella R.)

2nd Place - Prepared Presentation II (Bella P.)

3rd Place - Coding II (Nolwen B., Nico C.)

3rd Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Maxwell F.)

3rd Place - Debating Technological Issues (Sriya B., Bella P.)

3rd Place - Essays on Technology II (Sarah D.)

3rd Place - Future Technology Teacher (Sheena K.)

3rd Place - Software Development (Mariana A., Nolwen B., Kai B., Ayva C., Evan F., Ryan G.)

4th Place - Children's Stories II (Sara C., Kathleen C., Billie H., Loghan H., Anna M., Madi S.)

4th Place - Data Science and Analytics II (Dylan J., Liam T.)

4th Place - Technology Bowl II (Maxwell F., Dylan J., Callum W.)

5th Place - Board Game Design (Kai B., Joyce C., Ty M., Bella P., Kyra W.)

5th Place - Flight Endurance II (Allan M.)

6th Place - Computer Integrated Manufacturing - CIM (Lance B., Ayva C., Sarah D., Allan M., Allan T., Liam W.)

6th Place - System Control Technology II (Austin B., Evan F., Mallory T.)

6th Place - Transportation Modeling (Liam W.)

7th Place - Extemporaneous Speech (Fiorella R.)

7th Place - Future Technology Teacher (Sriya B.)

7th Place - Photographic Technology II (Sarah D.)

7th Place - Webmaster II (Jackson H., Sophia N., Jackie S., Kyler W., Lauren W.)

8th Place - On Demand Video (Sara D., Sarah D., Jackson H., Gael M., Victoria M., Cristina R.)

9th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Abbi G.)

10th Place - Video Game Design II (Nolwen B., Lance B., Nico C., Sara D., Sophia N., Cristina R.)


Lakewood Ranch High School

1st Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Paige W.)

2nd Place - Dragster Design II (Josh H.)

2nd Place - Promotional Design II (Billie H.)

3rd Place - System Control Technology II (Brandon K., Aditya R., Eduardo Z.)

4th Place - Architectural Design (Mason E., Billie H., Sara H., Sami J., Madi S., Paige W.)

4th Place - On Demand Video (Mason E., Billie H., Addison S., Madi S., Reed S., Paige W.)

4th Place - Photographic Technology II (Madi S.)

5th Place - Technology Problem Solving II (Zach G., Sara H.)

6th Place - Cyber Security II (Connor E., Sara H., Conor R., Emily S.)

6th Place - Engineering Design II (Kathleen C., Zach G., Spencer H., Josh H., Sara H., Eduardo Z.)

7th Place - Debating Technological Issues (Mason E., Emily S.)

8th Place - Prepared Presentation II (Reed S.)

8th Place - Transportation Modeling (Caley H.)

9th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering (Josh H.)

9th Place - Technology Bowl II (Natalie C., Aditya R., Emily S.)

10th Place - Board Game Design (Natalie C., Caley H., Loghan H., Addison S., Sienna Z.)

10th Place - Forensic Science (Emily S., Sienna Z.)

10th Place - Music Production (Haiden G., Addison S., Eduardo Z., Sienna Z.)


Palmetto High School 

Keirstin H. was elected Secretary of Florida TSA


Parrish Community High School 

4th Place - Essays on Technology II (Miguel Y.)

6th Place - Animatronics (Sarah D.)

7th Place - On Demand Video (Colin C., Caleb D., Nathan L., Miguel Y.)

8th Place - Structural Design and Engineering II (Thomas B., Bradley P.)

10th Place - Chapter Team II (Thomas B., Colin C., Kevin K., Nathan L., Bradley P., Trenton W.)


Southeast High School

Southeast High School TSA Richard Platt and Principal Rosa Faison

TSA Advisor Richard Platt was presented with the Honorary Life Member Award (shown above with Principal Rosa Faison)

1st Place - Architectural Design (Daniel B., Diego C.R., Denis J., Walens P., Nathan R., Nick S.)

1st Place - Debating Technological Issues (Ronan B., Andrew K.)

1st Place - Drone (Nick S.)

1st Place - Transportation Modeling (Alen M.)

2nd Place - Board Game Design (Kevin C., Ariana C., Gauthem G., Jadon L., Walens P., Dev T.)

2nd Place - Computer Integrated Manufacturing - CIM (Gauthem G., Andrew K.)

2nd Place - Drone (Eliezer B., Diego C.R., Abigail H., Denis J., Nathan R., Pedro S.M.)

2nd Place - Essays on Technology II (Ivan A.)

2nd Place - Future Technology Teacher (Jadon L.)

2nd Place - System Control Technology II (Kevin C., Gauthem G., Dev T.)

3rd Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering (Alex C.)

3rd Place - Digital Video Production (Ivan A., Gavin A., Ansh P., Nick S., Dev. T. Dylan V.H.) 

3rd Place - Dragster Design II (Andrew K.)

3rd Place - Forensic Science (Jadon L., Andrew S.)

3rd Place - Geospatial Technology (Muizz A., Andrew G., Pedro S.M.)

3rd Place - Technology Bowl II (Daniel B., Sami K., Andrew K.)

3rd Place - Technology Problem Solving II (Ariana C., Alen M.)

4th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Daniel B.)

4th Place - Future Technology Teacher (Ronan B.)

4th Place - Prepared Presentation II (Ronan B.)

5th Place - Animatronics (Daniel B., Kevin C., Paola H. Kage J., Dev T.)

5th Place - On Demand Video (Ivan A., Gavin A., Ansh P., Dylan V.H.)

5th Place - Scientific Visualization (Alen M., Jerry O.)

5th Place - Software Development (Ariana C., Sami K., Andrew S., Jamarr W., James W.)

6th Place - Chapter Team II (Ivan A., Kevin C., Paola H., Andrew K., Ansh P., Andrew S.)

6th Place - Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Architecture (Nathan R.)

6th Place - Extemporaneous Speech (Andrew K.)

6th Place - Flight Endurance II (Kage J.)

6th Place - Photographic Technology II (Eliece S.)

6th Place - Promotional Design II (Eliece S.)

6th Place - Video Game Design II (Andrew G., Sami K., Jerry O., Jamarr W., James W.)

6th Place - Webmaster II (Muizz A., Gauthem G., Andrew G., Pedro S.M.)

7th Place - Data Science and Analytics II (Ivan A., Andrew G.)

7th Place - Flight Endurance II (Muizz A.)

8th Place - Biotechnology Design II (Abigail H., Pedro S.M., Andrew S.)

9th Place - Engineering Design II (Gavin A., Diego C.R., Gauthem G., Alen M., Walens P., Pedro S.M.)

10th Place - Children's Stories II (Kevin C., Paola H., Jamarr W., James W.)


Florida TSA Results - Middle Schools

Braden River Middle School

Braden River Middle School TSA

3rd Place - Leadership Strategies (Xavier B., Jayme M., Kacey M.)

3rd Place - Off The Grid (David C., Denis L., Luis P., Jaxson P., Tiziano R., Diego R.D.)

6th Place - Construction Challenge (Zane B., John J., Coleman K., Jonah R., Luca S., Ryan Y.)

7th Place - Problem Solving I (Jayme M., Kacey M.)

8th Place - Challenging Technology Issues (Jack B., David H.)

9th Place - Biotechnology I (Xavier B., Malia H., Jayme M., Kacey M.)

9th Place - Career Prep (Xavier B.)

9th Place - Coding I (Talin C., Malia H.)

10th Place - Chapter Team I (Zane B., David C., David H., Denis L., Jaxson P., Tiziano R.)

10th Place - Video Game Design I (Joseph J., Dylan K., Jake L., Ryan Y.)


Buffalo Creek Middle School

Buffalo Creek Middle School TSA 

1st Place - Forensic Technology (Cheyenne I., Grace M.)

1st Place - Problem Solving I (Benjamin B., Joshua B.)

2nd Place - Tech Bowl I (Benjamin B., Cheyenne I., Wyatt M.)

4th Place - Coding I (Jace B., Julie D.)

6th Place - Chapter Team I (Benjamin B., Cheyenne I., Mouhannad J., Nate K., Grace M., Wyatt M.)

6th Place - System Control Technology I (Joshua B., Aiden D., Aeolus R.)

8th Place - Children's Stories I (Alexander "Sasha" L., Kaden M.)

9th Place - Digital Photography I (Nate K.)

9th Place - Promotional Marketing I (Mouhannad J.)

10th Place - Challenging Technology Issues (Barry C., Ava R.)

10th Place - Essays on Technology (Kaden M.)


Haile Middle School 

2nd Place - Structural Engineering I (Rei B., Caden P.)

3rd Place - Prepared Speech I (David M.)

5th Place - Construction Challenge (Christian G., Aidan H., Dylan R., Zane R., Benjamin T., Gavin V.)

10th Place - Leadership Strategies (Kiran K., Zachary M., Katie R.)

10th Place - Medical Technology Issues (Riley H., Zoe H., Kiran K., Zachary M., Nathan M., Gage R.)


Lee Middle School 

1st Place - Dragster I (Ayden C.)

5th Place - Structural Engineering I (Yahir C., Kendryck O.)

6th Place - Prepared Speech I (Aryam P.)

7th Place - On Site Video (Harmoni B., Emilia B., Manuel M., Aryam P., Craven S.)

8th Place - Flight I (Julian L.)

8th Place - Junior Solar Sprint (Harmoni B., Aryam P.)


Dr. Mona Jain Middle School

Dr. Mona Jain Middle TSA

1st Place - Construction Challenge (Sneha B., Brandon E., Kinley M.)

1st Place - Promotional Marketing I (Kinley M.)

1st Place - Tech Bowl I (Samuel D., Matthew P., Matthew R.)

1st Place - Video Game Design I (Samuel D., Aiden H., Samuel N., Hunter O., Aiden t.H.)

2nd Place - Biotechnology I (Coco B., Brandon E., Colten Z.)

2nd Place - Chapter Team I (Sneha B., Samuel D., Zachariah K., Taylor L., Cole P., Matthew P.)

2nd Place - Children's Stories I (Aicha A., Vedanshi C., Aurora H., Grant W.)

2nd Place - Data Science and Analytics (Kylie D., Moksha P., Colten Z.)

2nd Place - Fluid Power (Coco B., Kylie D., Kaitlyn H., Taylor L.)

2nd Place - Microcontroller Design (Zachariah K., Aiden N., Sebastian S.)

2nd Place - Prepared Speech I (Coco B.)

2nd Place - System Control Technology I (Kaitlyn H., Dennis K., Matthew P.)

2nd Place - Website Design I (Aicha A., Vedanshi C., Max E., Zachariah K.)

3rd Place - CAD Foundations (Aiden t.H.)

3rd Place - Challenging Technology Issues (Samuel N., Gus S.)

3rd Place - Community Service Video (Aicha A., Aurora H., Namita K.)

3rd Place - Mass Production (Gabriel D., Samuel N., Hunter O.)

4th Place - Cybersecurity I (Matthew R.)

4th Place - Essays on Technology (Melisa C.)

4th Place - Forensic Technology (Namita K., Taylor L.)

4th Place - Junior Solar Sprint (Namita K., Bradley S.)

4th Place - Medical Technology Issues (Kaitlyn H., Cole P., Bradley S.)

4th Place - STEM Animation (Melisa C., Aiden H., Moksha P.)

5th Place - Cybersecurity I (Colten Z.)

5th Place - Digital Photography I (Moksha P.)

5th Place - Inventions and Innovations (Gabriel D., Samuel N., Gus S.)

6th Place - Career Prep (Kylie D.)

6th Place - Foundations of Information Technology (Aiden H.)

7th Place - Coding I (Aiden N., Matthew P.)

7th Place - Mechanical Engineering (Melisa C., Kylie D., Kinley M.)

8th Place - CAD Foundations (Samuel D.)

8th Place - Structural Engineering I (Cole P., Matthew R.)

9th Place - Electrical Applications (Gus S.)

10th Place - Electrical Applications (Gabriel D.)

10th Place - Technical Design (Max E., Dennis K.)


Johnson K-8

1st Place - Structural Engineering I (James G., Connor P.)

8th Place - Tech Bowl I (Evan C., James G., Chase W.)

9th Place - Junior Solar Sprint (Evan C., Blaine S., Mya W., Chase W.)


Nolan Middle School

Nolan Middle School TSA Nolan Middle TSA members

4th Place - Chapter Team I (Nickolas D., Caroline F., Cate K., Coen S., Gino T., Jasmin T.)

4th Place - Technical Design (Vaibhav A., Aiden H.)

4th Place - Website Design I (Emma B., Eshun B., Cate K., Alessandra S., Jasmin T.)

5th Place - Leadership Strategies (Max A. Logan K., Edoardo R.)

9th Place - Mechanical Engineering (Max A., Wallace B., Jack C., Diego C., Jenna M., Jasmin T.)


Palm View K-8

3rd Place - Flight I (Armando G.)

4th Place - Construction Challenge (Stacie P., Hayley S., Daisy Z.V.)

4th Place - Flight I (Cristofer M.R.)

4th Place - On Site Video (Sadie G.P., Stacie P., Hayley S., Daisy Z.V.)

4th Place - Problem Solving I (Sadie G.P., Armando G.)

4th Place - Structural Engineering I (Armando G., Cristofer M.R.)

7th Place - Career Prep (Ismael L.S.)

8th Place - Forensic Technology (Logan F., Ismael L.S.)

8th Place - Junior Solar Sprint (Armando G., Cristofer M.R.)


Sugg Middle School

2nd Place - Electrical Applications (Haoheng H.)

2nd Place - Flight I (Gabriel R.)

3rd Place - Coding I (Ayden C., Malachi M.)

3rd Place - Construction Challenge (Leland B., Kamila O., Michelle R.)

3rd Place - Dragster I (Jimmy A.)

3rd Place - Fluid Power (Aiden B., Leland B., Damien W.)

4th Place - Dragster I (Aiden B.)

4th Place - Mechanical Engineering (Jimmy A., Erik Anderson, Damien W.)

4th Place - Microcontroller Design (Aiden B., Ayden C., Haoheng H., Gabriel R.)

4th Place - Prepared Speech I (Delaney C.)

4th Place - Tech Bowl I (Ayden C., Jayden R., Gabriel R.)

5th Place - Flight I (Jimmy A.)

6th Place - Junior Solar Sprint (Jimmy A., Haoheng H., Gabriel R., Damien W.)

8th Place - Off The Grid (Leslie A., Delaney C., Haoheng H., Michelle R., Damien W.)

10th Place - Career Prep (Genesis R.)

10th Place - Mass Production (Erik A., Malachi M., Jayden R.)


Scholarship Awards

FTEA - Paige W. from Lakewood Ranch High School ($200 college scholarship)

M&M AMI Enterprises - Zach G. from Lakewood Ranch High School ($250 college scholarship)

Florida TSA - Zach G. from Lakewood Ranch High School ($500 college scholarship)

Florida TSA - Maxwell F. from Braden River High School ($500 college scholarship)

Ralph V Steeb - Liam T. from Braden River High School ($1,000 college scholarship)


Special Awards

The Art Institutes awarded scholarships to Joyce C. from Braden River High School ($1,000); Billie H. from Lakewood Ranch High School ($750); Braden River High School Sci Vis ($1,000); Braden River High School Digital Video ($750); Southeast High School Digital Video ($500) and Braden River High School Fashion Design ($750) for new students attending their campuses in Tampa or Miami.

Chief Architect, a software company, awarded Paige W. from Lakewood Ranch High School; Maxwell F. from Braden River High School; Dr. Mona Jain Middle School Construction Team; Sugg Middle School Construction Team; Braden River Middle School Off The Grid Team; Southeast High School Architectural Team; and Braden River High School Architectural Team, a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software Certificate. 

Ayden Courtney from Lee Middle School; Gabriel R. from Sugg Middle School; Kinley M. from Dr. Mona Jain Middle School; all received the U.S. Navy Award Jr. medallion and certificate.

Liam W. from Braden River High; Paige W. from Lakewood Ranch High School; Joyce C. and Callum W. from Braden River High School; all received the U.S. Navy Award Sr. medallion and a $75 gift card.