Bulls Encouraged to Follow School Dress Code

Gabrielle Redinger - PCHS Bulletin

With the start of the new school year, administration is cracking down on dress code and enforcing strict clothing standards. The previous years have not experienced such strict policies, but the first two days of this school year made it clear that the administration is no longer playing around.

Remie Joseph, a sophomore, experienced repercussions of the dress code. Her violation included a rip in her jeans that landed mid-thigh. According to the student handbook, rips in jeans need to be fingertip length, but Joseph was told differently.  She believes that the enforcement of said dress code on the first few days was “unnecessary and unfair”.

“I think it’s kind of harsh that they’re strict about it at first because there’s a lot of incoming freshmen and they don’t know about the dress code.... They’re running a tight ship, it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s the way they’re going about it,” said Joseph.

The new enforcements are affecting students differently, some are more worried about getting detention and others worry about missing class time for such a trivial issue. Abby Cubas, a senior, has noticed the difference between the previous years and the year 2023-24.

“I think it’s stressful, I have to plan my outfit and say ‘am I going to get dress coded for this, am I not?’ Like walking down the hall, thinking ‘they could dress code me for anything’. The hole in my pants could be too high, or the shirt I’m wearing could go up a little by accident, and I could get dress coded. I want to go to class, I want to do my work. I want to focus on what I have to do, not some unnecessary dress codes and then missing class for it,” said Cubas.

According to Ms. Ranck, a dean at PCHS, said students don’t need to worry about the dress code as long as they follow the student handbook and the district dress code. When looking for any dress code violations, Ranck uses the idea of “anything I can’t wear to school”. She holds the students to the same standard as she is held to.

To avoid disruptions to the school day, it’s best if students look at and follow the student handbook’s standards on the dress code located on pages 29-30. https://www.manateeschools.net/Page/8526