PCHS Recognizes National Suicide Prevention Week


The Month of September was National Suicide Prevention Month, a time in which the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention “rallies the public to create awareness of this leading cause of death.” Specifically, the week of September 10th through the 16th is National Suicide Prevention Week. This week provides a more in-depth approach to ways you can identify suicidal behaviors and introduces different programs you can participate in to promote suicide awareness.

In an effort to inform students of this week, the Manatee County School District provided short videos regarding suicide to high school news crews. Being a part of Manatee County, PCHS had the opportunity to watch and be informed.

From Monday, Sept. 11 through Friday, Sept. 16 Parrish Community’s Bullseye News provided a series of these informational videos. These videos included real life stories, to show the impact and gravity of the situation.

The first video introduced James Malkovich, who recently lost his young teenage son, Dylan, to suicide. He did not have any apparent suicidal tendencies beforehand. Malkovich encouraged everyone to look out for their peers, even if they have a seemingly “perfect” life.

Many of the videos covered various warning signs and risk factors, so that all students can be aware for the sake of those around them. Another video included student interviews about stress, and how it impacts their daily lives. The final videos of the week comprised many resources such as coping strategies and online helplines.

All in all, last month’s Prevention Week achieved widespread acknowledgement of the gravity of the situation along with the necessary resources. Remember to check up on your loved ones, and to be kind to all.