The Key to Your Future


The act of community service is an excellent opportunity to flourish as a young adult. Racking up hours, serving your community is not only a graduation requirement; it builds character.

PCHS’ very own Key Club is currently enrolling new members, seeking young individuals who carry great compassion for others and the drive to be a productive member of society. There is a simple application process to pass, then students will be able to serve locally, or “on campus, whether it be the concession stand for basketball, soccer…" there are bountiful opportunities to get your graduation requirements of hours in.

Deputy Townsley is the faculty advisor, and states, “It’s a student run club, I’m just there for support and if they need any assistance at the faculty level.” As the supervisor of the club, he is “always looking for a challenge.” He states, “I’m always looking for students to keep busy. I like for them to learn leadership skills, give back to the community and hopefully we continue to thrive on what we’ve been doing the past couple years.”

The club itself has already had a successful past school year with “the most paid membership in our division, at 136 (members).” Students can become another valued member of our Key Club by filling out an application, which can be picked up at the upcoming meetings or at Deputy Townsley’s office.

Townsley looks forward to working with new members as, “it’s an opportunity to meet new people (and) to get those magical community service hours we need for bright futures.”