Clue: A Murder Mystery


From the classic board game to the big screen, and now to their very own stage, Bulls Theatre Company is gearing up to stun audiences with a production of Clue (high school edition). 

After auditioning on the very first day of school, Miss  Jovie Gaddis (10th) said “It was really nerve-wracking, but I’m excited.” Gaddis was recently cast as Miss Peacock, whom she describes as a “church lady” and Gaddis is reportedly excited to “kill someone” on the stage. The iconic murder mystery also involves archetypal characters such as the “seductive” Miss Scarlet played by Hayley Roberts (12th). She describes her character as "flirty” and “coming for everybody's husband”.  Miss White, a “morbid widow”, is played by Kendall Vondron (11th); Bodie Jernigan (11th) cast as Mr. Green, an “anxious...rule follower”; the stuck-up Professor Plum, played by Isabella Hohmeister (11th); Colonel Mustard who’s “not the brightest” as described by actor Douglas David (12th); and of course, the French maid, Yvette, played by Hailey Lipham (10th).  

The murder mystery is set for two shows - October 26th and 27th 2023

Cast PhotoThe cast is buzzing with excitement, especially for the audience’s sake. The show will have interactive elements, such as a ‘whodunnit’ guessing contest. 

For those who’d like a word of advice on it, Vondran’s character Miss White would agree to vote for “any of the guys, because the guys are always the problem”.  Assistant Stage Manager, Abigail Ingram Lawrence (11th) says, “(the audience) gets to also be involved in guessing who the murderer is, they’re allowed to submit their own guess of who the murderer is, and just being able to find out if they’re right or wrong is very exciting.” 

The thrilling comedy is going to be the grandest straight play the school has premiered to date, expecting audiences near and far to flock for a family-friendly experience. And in Roberts’ words, audiences should consider seeing Clue because “it’s going to be the best thing they’ve ever witnessed in their whole lives.”