Parrish Community Introduces SAFE Promise Club

Madyson Greeman – PCHS Bulletin

There is a new club this year at Parrish Community High School. The official name of the club is Parrish SAFE Club and is underneath the umbrella of the Sandy Hooks Program which is nationwide. For anyone interested, meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month after school.

The head sponsor of the club, Kristy Cummings, states “The mission of this club is to provide a safe space, engage the community, build leaders, and empower youth.” The Parrish SAFE Promise Club is a student-led organization that teaches students about leadership and how to apply it in the real world when keeping their friends, school, and community safe.

During one week of each month, the club will provide information around PCHS about awareness and various other issues. Start with “HELLO” will take place the week of Sept. 18.

“This week will be about reaching out to the student body to let them know they are not alone and that there is always a SAFE place to go on campus, or how to become part of the club to help others in need,” head sponsor Cummings says.

Students are encouraged to participate to create a safe, welcoming environment at Parrish Community.