Woropay inspires students through history.


Some students do not see their teachers beyond individuals who take their homework and assign grades. However, some teachers, like Dustyn Woropay, make a strong impact on students and inspire them to pursue their dreams.

Sienna Rivera said, “Mr. Woropay is an exceptional teacher that inspires and encourages his students to be the absolute best version of themselves.” She went on to say that she is “elated to have the opportunity to take his class.”

Woropay’s goal as a teacher is to guide his students to success while also providing support for their dreams and ambitions. He wants to continue to expose his students to a new and fun way of looking at their education as he hopes they walk out of his class happy and productive.

“It's okay not to know, it is okay not to get something initially, it is okay not to be successful right off the bat,” Woropay said. “We are building on it, and we are going to get there! Life is rarely ever instant gratification.”

Growing up Woropay always had a love of history leading to his pursuit of teaching. He studied at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. Teaching was always a possibility for him as he enjoyed school, especially history class. When applying for colleges, he declared journalism as a major and was an editor on his college newspaper. After this he struck interest in law, he later worked for a law firm for a summer. After this internship, he learned that having a career in law dominates every aspect of one’s life, giving him second thoughts.  He ended up graduating as a history major to later go to graduate school for teaching. 

He has now been teaching for 14 years and continues to spread his passion for education and history to our PCHS students. Woropay teaches World History Honors and AP Human Geography.