Parrish welcomes new staff member: Peytan Nazarian


Having just moved from Los Angeles, California, Peyman Nazarian is ready to take the bull by its horns and begin his new journey in Parrish, Florida. Although it may be his first year teaching at Parrish Community High School, Nazarian has been teaching economics since 2015, and claims that he “has always had a great relationship with his students” and credits this to the fact that he “make(s) the subject fun” and tries to “connect the students to real-life situations.”  

While his students are very grateful that Nazarian is at PCHS, being a teacher was not his initial choice. Growing up, Nazarian lived in the Islamic Republic of Iran and faced persecution for his family’s religious beliefs. At age ten, he and his family immigrated to California and have resided in the United States ever since. As an adolescent, he took his education very seriously and even contemplated becoming a lawyer, but decided to take the political science route instead. Before finding his passion for teaching, he helped with his family's textile business and taught piano lessons in college to earn some extra money. It was not until he met his wife that he solidified his future as an educator.  

Now, Nazarian is living lavishly in Parrish, Florida. He enjoys spending time with his family, looking for things to do with his kids, and sampling the finest Parrish cuisine!