Band provides opportunities for students to engage in music

Jayden Martinez – PCHS Bulletin 

Music for a lot of people in our community is a big part of them and their lives. Any music program is about determination and knowing where one wants to be on their music path. Band, specifically, is a way for some people to connect and learn about their love for music. According to Brooklyn Deckman, “Band takes a lot of effort, but it’s a lot of fun. It takes a lot of concentration and practice to get to where we want to be.” 

A typical band program is separated into three sections: Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion. Woodwinds are made up of flute, clarinet, oboe, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone. Brass is made up of trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and French horn. Percussion is snare drum, bass drum, timpani, xylophone, and auxiliary parts such as triangle, wood block, suspended cymbal, and crash cymbals.     

Students can work to increase their skills in either the beginning band class or concert band classes. Once their skills are strong enough, they can audition for the school’s advanced Wind Ensemble program. Students interested in studying improvisation, jazz style, and jazz history can also take the school’s jazz band courses. Outside the classroom, students can also join the school’s Pride of Parrish Marching Band. 

Deckman started band in 6th grade and found it quite enjoyable. Deckman recalls when she was welcomed into the Parrish Community High School’s program, “I got here for marching band in the summer not knowing what to expect and made a lot of new friends and connections, which helped me as a freshman when school started.” The program has helped her meet new faces, personalities, and make connections. 

In marching band, specifically, there is a lot of traveling, but that truly doesn't seem to be a problem for Deckman; “We traveled for competitions on the weekends and that was always the fun part, being able to connect while chasing a common goal of being the best we could be.” 

Each band course at Parrish Community High School performs at least 3 concerts and participates in the annual FBA District Music Performance Assessment. The Wind Ensemble recently attended their MPA and “came home with gold”. As Deckman says, “Our wind ensemble ended up getting straight Superiors so that was something we could all feel good about.” The next concert will be the State MPA or their Spring Concert, which is still up in the air. They've been working hard for the last couple of weeks and reviewing the performances of their MPA and the comments from judges to work to be the best they can be at the State MPA. 

In addition to group ensembles, students can participate in an annual solo and ensemble competition. Students perform a solo, duet, or small ensemble piece for a panel of judges. This year, Parrish Community High School hosted the district level competition on February 9 and 10. Band director Kendall Carrier was proud to celebrate the thirty-eight students at PCHS who earned superior ratings and earned the right to participate at the state festival. 

  • Caleb Couchois - Trombone Solo 
  • Reagan Lesser - Trombone Solo 
  • Emma Berridge - Flute Solo 
  • Esteban Morett-Rameriz - Clarinet 
  • Louis Panico - Alto Sax and Soprano Sax Solos 
  • Miguel Yanez - Snare Drum Solo 
  • Percussion Choir #1 (20 students) 
  • Percussion Choir #2 (9 students) 
  • Trombone Quartet

For students interested in continuing to make music an integral part of their lives, the band program at PCHS would give them multiple opportunities.