Blue Belles Dance Concludes a Memorable Season

Madyson Greeman – PCHS Bulletin

You may have seen the Blue Belles Dance Team on the sideline or perhaps performing during basketball half-time, but did you know they also have a competition season?    

The Blue Belles dance team has grown in numbers. This talented group of dancers started the school year with 8 members; now they have 13.   

To be on the sideline and the competition team is not as easy as it may seem. Dancers must perform a routine created by the captain and co-captain. There’s a segment of pom, jazz, and hip-hop. The girls are also allowed to perform any tricks or turns that they think may help contribute to their overall score. Not only are the girls being scored on the material, but also their facial expressions, body language, and their ability to pick up material quickly. Tryouts take place every April for the following year and there is not a separate tryout for the competition team.  

The dance team recently finished their 23-24 season and try-outs for next year are slated for April 15-17 from 5:00-6:30pm in the school gymnasium. 

Senior Captain Cara Sanchez says, “Our dance season was a remarkable journey filled with achievements and growth. We excelled by securing first place in competitions, showcasing our talents, and dedication. Along the way, we forged valuable friendships, fostering a supportive dance community. As the captain this year, I am so proud of my team, and I wish the future dance team good luck with everything they do.”  

Sanchez is also appreciative of the guidance from Coach Ranck and Coach Francesca this season. She wants to give a big thank you to the overall team for everything they have contributed to set forth a memorable season.

For both sideline and competitive season, the girls practice every Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours. Occasionally, when the competition season gets busier, a 4-hour practice on Saturday will take place. 

The Blue Bells competed in three competitions this year, which is the most they have ever done. Overall, the Blue Bell Dancers had a terrific season. The girls persevered through all the hard times and received an outstanding 1st place overall award in their category at their last competition. These dancers are excited about next year and continuing to grow the program.   

Coach Ranck says she’s “super excited” for next year and is “so thankful” for the support the school and her dancers have given her as this is her first year as head coach.