PCHS hosts Career Fair

Gabrielle Redinger – PCHS Bulletin 

Many students at Parrish Community High School walked the gymnasium on April 18, looking and interacting with business representatives from all over the state. 26 different careers were represented at the PCHS Career fair through, including Wonder Bread, Mosaic, Florida Highway Patrol, and the U.S Army.

Students at career fair booth  Students at Wonder Bread career booth

Career fairs are important for high school students to attend because they offer them the opportunity to explore different options for their near future. Students can look past their high school and college years, and into possible careers and industries. 

Aubrey Rife, career and college counselor at PCHS, organized the fair for the students to understand what is waiting for them in the outside world.  

“This fair gives students a chance to meet industry professionals and be able to ask questions about responsibilities in their careers,” Rife said. 

Even though the fair is mainly targeted at juniors and seniors, many of the underclassmen appreciate the opportunity to check out what they can do in their future.  

Briana Rodonis, a sophomore at PCHS, found the fair incredibly useful, and was able to talk to a law attorney that was attending the fair. 

“It's important that future generations are exposed to different careers and opportunities,” Rodonis said. 

It is never too early to start thinking about the future. Students at Parrish Community are encouraged to continue to attend these fairs and work with resources on campus to prepare for life beyond high school.