Bulls Theatre Cativates Audience Under the Sea

Paige Harlow - PCHS Bulletin

The Bulls Theatre Company at Parrish Community High School continues to dominate the stage, inspiring the community through live music, song, and dance. After previous performances of The Wizard of Oz and the incredible honor of performing one of the first high school productions of Disney’s Frozen the Broadway Musical, the Spring 2024 musical explores a perspective of the classic Disney film: The Little Mermaid, with sold-out shows that opened Thursday April 4 through Sunday April 7. 

Peyton Seyler and Mars Woelfel on stage as Prince Eric and Ariel

(Photo Credit: bullstheathercompany Instagram)

As the show was undoubtedly an amazing production, a few of the fine arts programs at Parrish Community joined in. For the show, the school utilized a live pit crew led by the Music Department Chair, Kendall Carrier, his wife Kerrie Carrier, along with Assistant Principal Paul Champagne.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, the Marine Science Club had a table in the entrance to display the real-life sea creatures depicted on stage while also advertising an interest in Marine Life. Lastly, the school casts elementary school students to join the action. They were dressed as sea creatures and participated in iconic numbers such as “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl.” 

Broadway Stars of the Future nominated this year's production for 15 awards. The nominees included Outstanding Musical, Orchestra, Costumes, and Lighting to recognize the entire production. Individuals are also nominated for their “outstanding” contributions, including Mars Woelfel, Skylar Jandula, Peyton Seyler, Kendall Vondram for Performer in a Leading Role; Hailey Lipham and Bodie Jernigan for Performer in a Supporting Role; Mahabra Boereau for Dancer; Abigail Ingram-Lawrence for Stage Management; Olga Pena for Direction of a Musical; Jessie Schoch for Choreographer; and Kendall Carrier for Musical Direction. 

Kendall Vondram, Mars Woelfel, Peyton Seyler, and Skylar Jandula at the Broadway Stars of the Future Review

(Photo Credit: bullstheatercompany Instagram)

These nominations are a huge honor to recognize the stellar efforts across the community. The production also earned an outstanding review from the same organization. 

Woelfel, who played the leading role of Ariel, states, “This nomination could potentially lead to going to The Jimmy’s, which is a national organization to reflect the exemplary work of high school students which is a career starter for kids my age.” This nomination is an incredible opportunity for her and the other nominees to pursue their dreams.  

Boereau, who received an award for her dance performances, said, ”It has shown me that my hard work and efforts of stepping out of my comfort zone into a new area of art has paid off and being recognized for something that I have not done traditionally in the past further proves that I can do anything that I set my mind to with the right people supporting me.” 

Overall, the Bulls Theatre Company did not disappoint as the show was sold out on all 4 of their show nights and the audience was able to get away from reality for a while and join the production below the deep blue sea.