16 BSF Wins for Bulls Theater Company

PCHS Bulletin

Director Olga Pena stated that "we're filled with gratitude" at the announcement of 16 Broadway Stars of the Future wins. The Bulls Theater company was honored by the Broadway Stars of the Future with 16 wins for both their fall play and spring musical: Clue High School Edition and The Little Mermaid respectively. These wins included outstanding play, 6 outstanding performers, and the winning student reporter for the awards show on May 19 at the Straz Center.

In April, BSF nominated their spring production of The Little Mermaid for 15 nominations. Of those, students Mars Woelfel, Peyton Seyler, and Kendall Vondran won for Outstanding Performer in a Leading Role in a Musical. Caleb Diamond won for Outstanding Lightning. Additionally, staff members Olga Peña and Kendall Carrier won for Outstanding Direction of a Musical and Outstanding Musical Direction respectively. Finally, the entire production won for Outstanding Orchestra and Outstanding Costume Design.

Diamond spoke about the repetitive hours and the intense labor of preparing the lights for each show and felt honored at his recognition. "I don't like being under the spotlight, but enjoy making sure the spotlight is ready to go for others." He beamed.

Adding to their wins, were previous nominations in October from their fall play: Clue High School Edition. Of those, students Kendall Vondran and Bodie Jernigan won for Outstanding Performer in a Play. Additionally, Olga Pena won again for Outstanding Direction of a Play. Finally, the entire production won awards for Outstanding Costume Design and Outstanding Props.

Jernigan said playing Mr. Green in the Clue production is one of his favorite school performances to date. Next year, Jernigan will be a senior and hopes to participate in all the school plays and musicals, in addition to participating with the Thespian troupe at Regional and State competitions.

Vondram had the honor of winning two awards. She said that she "was very surprised and incredibly grateful" for the honor. She looks forward to making the best of her senior year next year and hopes to have the opportunity to study acting further in college. She said she loves the theater because "it provides me with a way to express myself, as well as a close-knit family around me. I also feel just so drawn to acting as it allows me to learn more about myself, as I dive deeper into studying and becoming the character that I am performing as. But, truly, I do what I do to perform on stage, and hopefully make somebody's day a bit brighter!"

"I love theater because of the culture and the community around it. The art is particularly important, and making something beautiful is central to such, but to have such a loving group of people who I can laugh with day after day is really what keeps me coming back year after year." Jernigan said. 

Finally, Kalynn DeVito won for Student Reporter for Broadway Stars of the Future. DeVito's win is based on her outstanding application of sample material from her role in the Bulls Theater Company. She will attend the rehearsals next week for the awards show and interview, take photos, videos and post content about BSF on the account's social media page. 

This brings the grand total to 16 awards to commemorate the hard work of the entire Bulls Theater Company. They have spent numerous hours during class and during after-school rehearsals presenting incredible performances year after year. Each year sets the bar higher, pushing the company to bring their best to stage every performance. 16 wins out of 24 total nominations proves how talented these students and staff members are.

Jernigan also states how "incredibly grateful" he is to "have such a dedicated and involved teacher for theater, who has pushed me and many others towards excellence, and led us to places many of us had never even dreamed of going before."

Vondran echoed this sentiment and said that she would not be in the position she is today with Broadway Stars of the Future, Bulls Theater Company, and Director Olga Peña.

The Bulls Theater Company will certainly continue to bring incredible performances to the Parrish Community Stage and will surely add more awards to their ever-growing trophy case.