SGA Hosts First Spring Spirit Week

Emma Fletcher and Sienna Rivera - PCHS Bulletin

PCHS students have participated in various activities during the last few weeks, including spring break, spirit week, the talent show, and boys' volleyball. With exam season approaching, spring break gave students time to recharge and prepare for the final months of school. SGA (Student Government Association) gave students and faculty an opportunity to exhibit their school spirit by hosting different projects.  

SGA instructor, Stacie Nelson, states that spirit week boosts students' morale around campus by getting them excited for prom. “This allows our students to have a week of fun before a memorable event that will last a lifetime,” she exclaims. Monday’s theme was “Barbeque Dads vs. Soccer Moms”. On Tuesday, students showed up in their Greek tunics and leather jackets for “Greek vs. Grease & Greece”. Wednesday followed the movie “Mean Girls” iconic quote, “On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink” and “Jorts and Jerseys” scattered the campus on Thursday. Friday was PCHS letter day, where each grade level dressed up as something that started with their assigned letter.  

In addition, SGA hosted a talent show to highlight the numerous skills that PCHS students possess. The top three performers were Aly Carpenter, Oliver Rodgers, and Ben Eugene, the overall winner.  

Volleyball is a fast-paced and exciting sport known for its emphasis on teamwork and communication. Volleyball is enjoyed both recreationally and competitively worldwide, fostering athleticism, strategy, and camaraderie among players. FHSAA only recognizes girls' volleyball, but SGA brought this exhilarating opportunity for the boys with an intramural volleyball game. 

As summer proceeds to materialize, so do the trends that follow it. Summer trends often bring a refreshing wave of style and innovation, reflecting the season’s vibrant and carefree spirit. This summer’s beauty trends focus on natural glowing skin and minimalist makeup. Coconut girl and coastal granddaughter are the focal point of this year's summer fashion, most well known for their breezy and refreshing enhancement to one’s wardrobe. Overall, summer trends celebrate individuality and a lively, upbeat aesthetic. 

The goal of the spring spirit week was to motivate students and faculty to push through the final weeks of school to fully enjoy the trends of summer!