School Board Seeks Civic-Minded Citizens to Join Audit Committee

The School Board of Manatee County is seeking civic-minded citizens to serve as members of the Audit Committee. The Committee, which meets six times a year, recommends the appointment of the internal and external auditors; reviews the scope, plan and reports of the internal and external auditors; and assists in maintaining open communications between the selected auditors, the School Board and the District’s financial management. The Committee also reviews the collection and proper use of the funds raised through the one-half cent sales surtax for school capital outlay expenditures. Membership on the Committee requires an average of five-to-eight hours per month, with meetings scheduled every other month for three hours. The term is approximately three years.

Those interested in serving must:

• Live in Manatee County.
• Be a CPA (active or retired) or had employment experience in school district financial operations.
• Submit a letter expressing interest, provide contact information and provide a brief summary of their work experience.

Responses must be sent to the Manatee County School District, Attn: Board Agency Clerk, P.O. Box 9069, Bradenton, Florida 34206-9069.

Interested individuals may obtain additional information about the Committee by emailing School Board member Mary Foreman at